Hitting my stride

by - Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Yesterday's run felt good. It was my first time going at it since I'd been sick, but nothing felt out of whack. My stride felt right. The pace was good, and I felt strong through the finish. I was really happy about how well it went. I needed a good run.

Today was a rest day, and I was quite thankful for that. I got back to my room after class, and sat down on my bed to play the crossword puzzle. I ended up falling asleep on top of it, and I would have slept straight through my staff meeting at the gym if my friend hadn't called me asking if I wanted to grab dinner.

The semester's winding down, and I'm really looking forward to being done with class. The weather's so nice, all I want to do is be outside, whether it be running or just sitting on the mall (our version of a quad) and relaxing. The sunny weather totally kills all motivation to actually go to class, but someone I've been managing to drag myself.

I've got a 30 minute run scheduled for tomorrow. I'm hoping the expected rain will hold off until I can get my run in. Running in the rain means no iPod, and I'm not a fan of running without it.

As for the things falling into place, they might not be quite there yet, but they're getting there. Running makes everything better. Clears my mind. I can't really focus on much else when I'm self-talking to get up a hill. In reality, it was all pretty minor stuff that was upsetting me. In a few more days, with a few more runs, my mind will be totally clear again.

P.S. 18 days til my celebratory "YAY we survived finals" week at the beach!

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