by - Tuesday, January 30, 2007

YAY! This girl is running again!

I'm not sure when my leg magically healed itself, but because it was semi-nice out today (minimal wind, a bit of sun, temps in the 40's instead of the 20's like it had been the past few days) I decided now would be a good time to test it out. So I went for what I planned to be a short and slightly disappointing run (I didn't think it'd be completely better yet, and I didn't think I'd be able to go very far from being off for so long)

But to my surprise, it didn't hurt. I went my normal 3 mileish loop around campus with no problem (except my nose running like crazy) I didn't feel like I had to run really slowly either. I was moving at my normal pace.

I'm so happy to be back to running. I know because it's winter and the weather isn't always the greatest that I won't be able to get outside to run as often as I would like, but just knowing that I can run when I want and not having to worry about being injured is such a relief!

I think maybe some of the fitness classes I'd been taking at the beginning of the semester helped. Like kickboxing and step classes have a decent amount of impact which I think helped prep my leg for the longer runs.

All in all, it's been a pretty good day and a decent start to the semester. :o)

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  1. Great job on getting out there! That's awesome!

  2. Nice job on your run, Jess! Way to get out there!

  3. It's nice to find another DUKE hater out there! Hehehe. I am a Tarheel fan from ND...a little strange, I know!