Adventures down the manhole

by - Friday, June 26, 2009

(Why do I just know Glaven will come up with some horribly inappropriate comment about that title?)

So the BF is in the midst of packing because he's hoping to move soon and last night his mom came over to drop some boxes and things off. Unfortunately when she got out of the car, her iPhone slipped out and fell right down the storm drain.

His mom is understandably kind of bummed out, but the BF was like oh I can just crawl down there and get it out. His mom and I look at each other a little confused thinking oh really?

And BF goes on to tell us you just have to take the manhole cover off, climb down the ladder in there and grabbed the phone. (Should I be concerned the BF knows so much about the inner workings of a storm drain?) So we grab a flashlight and the BF finds something in the garage to yanked the cover off with. Those suckers are heavy.

Then he climbs down the ladder, hops down, grabs the phone and climbs back up. Like you know, it's an every day thing for him to climb down into storm drains.

Oh the best part of the story is that his mom iPhone works perfectly, even after the 10 footish drop and landing in a little puddle of water. She had it in this rubber case, which I'm betting is what saved it.

So BF saved the day and his mom didn't have to buy a new phone!

In workout news, I've got a long run schedule for this weekend. It's something between 8 and 10 and I'm just going to play it by ear depending on how I feel!

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I love reading Glaven's innappropriate comments! Glaven, if you are reading this, I am your biggest fan.

    In other news, hooray for the iPhone recovery! I guess I know who to call when I drop my keys down the elevator (not that it happens very often, of course...)

  3. The title of this post made my hiney pucker :-)

    I went down a "man hole" in my neighborhood once, to get a tennis ball my kids were playing with. It wasn't so bad once I scared the huge Black Widow spider away!

  4. Anonymous4:11 PM

    That's so funny! My husband found an iPhone in a puddle once on a rainy night and it totally was still working. Tough little guys.

  5. Wow, I would have written it off as lost for good. LOL

  6. omgosh that is crazy!!! YAY boyfriend!

  7. I'm sure BF knows a thing or two about man-holes. He's been to prison before, right? County? no?

    had to slide that one in there - G's on vacation for the next week. I'm thinking of taking up the mantle of his inappropriate comments. although I'm sure i could never truly be as disgusting as he normally is.

    And Emily, you're right. his comments on other people's blogs are usually much funnier than his own postings.

  8. That is too funny! LOL. Enjoy your long run this weekend, Jess!

  9. I'm always deathly afraid something like that will happen to my phone. And I most definitely would not go down and retrieve it.

  10. Reminds me of that lyric from Dylan's "Subterranean Homesick Blues": "Better light yourself candle / Jump down a man hole."

    I once lowered my younger brother down a storm drain when we were kids so he could retrieve a ball we lost down there. My cousin and I held onto his legs while he grabbed the ball. Worked just dandy.

  11. Soooo is he a teenage mutant ninja disguise??

  12. that is too funny. yay for bf saving the day! good luck with your run.

  13. That gave me the heebee jeebees just reading that. That's hardcore. Hang onto him. :o)

  14. wow! that's pretty random, but glad the phone is ok! woulda stunk to have to deal w/ replacing it and all. hooray for boyfriend!

  15. oh my gosh that's too funny! so sorry I missed you guys in Bmore this past weekend. I have awful cell phone reception and to top it off, forgot my charger so was basically unreachable.

  16. @Hawt Roommate Emily - "Biggest" in what sense? Big brain? Big ... um ... "endowments"?

    ([Fingers crossed] pleasepleaseplease, let it be the "endowments"!)

    What exactly did you say in the deleted comment? Something juicy, I hope.

    FYI - Jess is totally pimping you out in the comments on my blog. Better watch your back with a roommate like her. (<--If that comment gets a catfight started, please take PIX, especially after the clothes get torn!)