Tentative Fall Race Schedule

by - Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Running the 5K with my cousin this weekend reminded me how much I love racing and that commitment-phobia I was having toward fall races is slowly starting to fade.

In fact, I spent a large part of my day yesterday pulling together a potential fall race calendar.

My friends have been suggesting all sorts of races, so I pulled together a master list to see what was feasible and just how much it would cost me.

Race: Date: Cost:
Kentlands 5K 9/3 $26
Kent Island 10K 9/10 $25
RNR Philly 9/18 $95
Tough Mudder 10/22 Already Paid
Marine Corp 10K 10/30 $45
Philadelphia Half Marathon 11/19 $100
Hot Chocolate 15K 12/3 $65

Then I totaled up the cost of all the entry fees and cringed. $356, before any of the extra fees. Ouchies. Whoever said running was a cheap sport was so wrong.

The Tough Mudder is the only event I'm already registered for. Nothing is final with the others, though the Philadelphia Half and the Hot Chocolate 15K are definites in my mind, I just haven't paid the money yet.

I may punt one of the September races. Three weeks of back-to-back racing, even if some of them are just for fun, might be a bit much. But I'm still undecided.

So bloggy people, help me make a decision here. I'm much more inclined to run a race if I know other people are doing it.

Are you doing any of these races?

Have you done any of these races in the past and are they worthwhile investments?

Am I crazy if I decide to do them all?

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