Monthly D.C. Blogger Dinners

by - Thursday, July 21, 2011

Who else woke up early this morning to watch the space shuttle landing? Just me?

Shuttle landing from NASA
(Photo by NASA)

Lately my job has turned me into a huge space nerd and I've been following the last shuttle mission extremely closely. I think it's fascinating that we can send people in to space, build a space station and explore the solar system.

I bought my dad the "When We Left Earth" DVDs for Christmas last year, and I know exactly what I'll be watching next time I'm home in PA.

Anyway, enough nerd talk for one morning.

We're still under all sorts of heat advisories in D.C. this week, so yesterday I hit the treadmill again for my run. In order to keep things interesting I used the treadmill's "Random" setting on level 10 and knocked out a quick three miles on my lunch break. I kind of enjoyed the random setting. It was a good mix of hills and flat and wasn't quite as predictable as the "Hills" setting I used earlier this week.

After wrapping up work for the day, I headed downtown to meet some lovely D.C. bloggers for dinner at Ella's Wood Fired Pizza.

DC bloggers at dinner
Allison, Katie, Kacy, me, Gretchen

The place was packed when we got there and when we finally got a table we were all starving. It's safe to say I pretty much inhaled my pizza. You know I'm not a food blogger because I don't have a picture of it. I was too busy stuffing my face to stop and take one. The important thing is the pizza was delicious and I didn't leave with any leftovers.

You know you're out to dinner with food bloggers when everyone starts pulling out their cameras.

Gretchen taking a pic

Kacy and her camera

We all had such a great time last night that we decided to make D.C. blogger dinners a monthly happening. D.C. has tons of amazing food places that we want to try, so we decided that the third Wednesday of everything month, we'd try a new place and whatever D.C. bloggers or blog readers are free that day are welcome to join us. More details to come, but right now we're eying Graffiatto as our next place.

Shoot me an email ( if you want to get updates on our D.C. blogger dinners and I'll make sure you get added to the list.

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