Three Things Thursday: Terps, CrossFit, Running

by - Thursday, January 17, 2013

1. Last night I met my friends in College Park to watch the Maryland vs. NC State basketball game.

Red and black game day dresses
Me and Meg rocking our red and black work/game-day dresses

And what a game it was. We started with a big lead, then went completely cold and didn't score forever. Then in the second half we battled back and forth with NC State for the lead.

With 12 seconds left we were down one.

And with less than a second left, we made a basket to put us up one. NC State had a chance to win in the remaining time, but lucky for us their last minute shot didn't work out and the game ended 51-50.

2. I did CrossFit two days in a row this week, which is not something I normally do.

On Tuesday, I actually had plans to run with a friend but it's been raining in DC all week and I swear we haven't seen the sun in like eight days, so we decided to reschedule. I headed to CrossFit instead.

We did a pretty killer WOD:

3 Rounds:

  • 20 dumbbell snatches

  • 10 burpees

  • 2 minutes rest between rounds.

CrossFit 1-15-13

I finished second out of our little group, but damn, burpees are such a bitch.

3. My running motivation has been fairly nonexistent lately. I think part of it is definitely the weather. Running in the rain is just not my thing. And part of it is that I'm still worried about my foot not being healed all the way.

I've done exactly two runs since I've been cleared two weeks ago: a 1.5 miler the day I got my air cast off and a 3.5 miler last week with my friend.

I think I'm going to put together a "getting back to regular running" training plan for myself. Schedule some sort workouts, so I'm forcing myself to get out there and slowly ease back into running.

I know a lot of my running fitness is already gone and the thought of working back up from nothing is frustrating, but I guess I've gotta start somewhere. So, slow and steady it is.

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  1. I hear you on that lack of sunshine--where is it already?! Definitely more fun to get out the door when it's out.

    I hate burpees. That is all.

  2. Is that your Fix Stitch dress? It looks great on you!

  3. It is! And thank you! I am completely in love with it.