Checking out a new running group

by - Sunday, November 16, 2014

So I know in my last post, I talked a lot about how I was struggling to get back into running after my many injuries, and wondering if it was really something I wanted to push myself to do.

Maybe writing that post was the cathartic release I needed because the next day I was looking up running groups and trying to see which group runs I might be able to fit into my schedule.

In the past I've never really been a fan of running groups because I was always worried I would be slowest person there. But it just so happened that the leader of the group run that I was thinking about giving a try posted that she was also pretty slow and would make sure to hang back with anyone.

Since I know my speed has taken a nose dive since my injuries, that was the little bit of extra encouragement I needed to show up.

The were maybe 10 people that showed up for the run, and we split into two groups -- those planning to run three miles and those planning to run five. I opted for the three mile group, not wanting to push things too hard.

I ended up having a ton of fun running with the group. We ended up doing 4 miles and everyone was so friendly and nice.

First run tonight since the torn meniscus. This is my sweaty happy runner face. Four slow and steady miles with a new running group.
My post-run sweaty, happy face.

I'm definitely planning to join them again this week (assuming my knee cooperates -- it's flaring up right now and I've got an ice pack on it while I'm watching the Eagles implode against the Packers.)

My depressed eagles face
This is my the-Eagles-are-playing-like-crap face

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