Sorry Mom (Or Yet Another Softball Injury)

by - Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Last night, I got drilled by another line drive in softball.

Rainbow and monument.
Look at the beautiful scenery during last night's game!

In my shin. By the exact same kid who hit me last week.

Again a total accident. Unlike last week, the ball wasn't hit too hard, so while it still hurts like a B today, it's not nearly as bad as it could have been.

I mean look, that bruise is only like two colors.


In comparison to this beast from last week.

Ohh we've got a nice mix of yellows and greens today along with the purple.

My mom though was not amused when I told her. In fact, she lectured me for a solid 15 minutes over text message about how I should never pitch again. (You have not been lectured over text until Liz lectures you over text).

Luckily for her though, my work league wrapped up last night, and the summer session doesn't start until after the 4th of July. So I get a full month off from regular pitching. (I don't pitch regularly in any of my other leagues).

Also, in all my years of playing softball, I have never, ever been pegged so much while pitching. So I like to think this is all a rare fluke, rather than a harbinger of my impending death by softball.

In other softball news, I was able to play in my Friday night game last week, but I was only one of our designated hitters (I just batted, I didn't play in the field), and I had a courtesy runner since running still wasn't feeling great.

There are few better ways to spend summer Friday evenings than winning softball games with my Terps.
Friday night's game

I have another game on Wednesday. I'm not sure how this new shin bruise is going to handle that. I will most likely play catcher and see what we can do about a courtesy runner situation again. TBD. Maybe this one won't bother me as much tomorrow.

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  1. Frank9:00 AM

    Keep on truckin'!!!

  2. Yikes!!! Those bruises!! I thought I ended up with some big (although strange) bruises from Kickball. Softball is clearly worse. Heal Fast!

  3. That's a big one. I grew up playing sports so I know how to deal with injuries as far as my kids are concerned. My hubby not so much. The one thing I never allowed them to do is play football. I'm just way too scared after seeing all the NFL players' head injuries.