Hanging out with the Ellies

by - Tuesday, October 13, 2015

After what seems like weeks of grad school stress, I finally finished my midterms yesterday morning. I feel really good about one of them and only so-so about the other. I'm also beyond stressed about a group project that is going epically badly, but that's another story for another time.

Since yesterday was a holiday and a picture-perfect day in DC, I decided I needed a break from school stress and treated myself to a trip to the National Zoo to see my elephant friends.

The pandas may be the media darlings, but we all know the elephants are where it's at.

The elephants are definitely my favorite animals at the Zoo. The pandas may be the media darlings, but I just love the big, happy elephants.

One more pic of the elephants from today's trip to the zoo. ❤️

I got to the Zoo in the late afternoon and hung out with the elephants for a solid half hour before wandering around the rest of the Zoo.

I also spent some time visiting the big cats, though they were all pretty much asleep, and the sloth bear. Rusty the Red Panda was sadly not out and about when I was there.


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