Winter Break Swim

by - Wednesday, December 23, 2015

In keeping with my theme of having a productive and relaxing winter break, I kicked this morning off with a swim workout with my mom.

Unfortunately for me, when I woke up my shoulders/traps were killing me. I'm not sure if it was from finally mastering Crow in yoga on Monday night or from hauling the insanely heavy bags of donations to Salvation Army Monday afternoon.

I've never gotten DOMS from yoga before, but then again, I've never done balancing poses on my hands before either. So who knows what caused the soreness, all I knew was that it was going to make swimming extra special.

While every one else did a nice long warm-up, I did maybe a 150 or 200 and then spent the rest of the time stretching out so that I wouldn't drown during the main set.


Check out those sweet goggle eyes.

The main set was short -- only 1500 -- but about half way through, I was grabbing for the fins because my arms just couldn't take it anymore.

Swimming with fins always feels like cheating because you just glide through the water so much faster. I take a fraction of the strokes I normally take when I'm wearing fins.

To make it so I felt a little less like I was cheating, I alternated kick drills with regular strokes. So I'd do the first 25 kicking and then the second 25 swimming regularly. Rinse, repeat for the remainder of the set.

Even with the fins, my shoulders weren't loving me, so I was happy when we wrapped up.


In the relaxation category, my mom and I stopped for breakfast after swimming and I treated myself to a ginger peach tea. Ginger peach tea is my new jam. The coffee place by work has an amazing one and I'm slowly converting all my coworkers.

When we got home I curled up on the sofa with my second book of winter break. Book two on my winter break reading list. #bookstagram

This is where I'll be for a while now.

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  1. Fred and Tina3:35 PM

    Not too shabby so far in the productive and relaxing winter break category! :)

  2. Nice job! Crow is not an easy pose to master, but inversions are so cool when you finally get one down. And swimming will certainly wear down the upper body. I've been trying to use the fins to really muscle down the legs, building quad strength. I think it's helping my running some too.