Re-introducing Strength Training with Barre3

by - Sunday, November 12, 2017

Lately the steroids seem like they are really helping things with my hip. I go back to the doctor tomorrow, but over the last couple of weeks, I've been able to do a decent amount of workouts.

Other than running, one of the workouts I've really been loving is barre3. 


I noticed on one of my runs that my legs were definitely weak after all the time off. But I've been nervous about doing any sort of strenuous weight workouts because I didn't want to negatively impact my hip.

Instead I've been focusing on strengthening through things like yoga and some of my old PT exercises. 

Last week though, I felt I was ready for a little something more. So I started checking out my barre options through ClassPass. I've taken one or two barre classes years ago, and I've had mixed experiences. 

I opted to give a barre3 class a try since the studio wasn't too far away and had convenient class times.

I was definitely nervous walking in, but before the class I told the instructor that I was rehabbing a hip injury, and she told me that if anything ever felt uncomfortable that I should wave her over and she would give me some modification options. 

That made me feel a little less nervous. 


Once the class started, I found that I was able to follow all the moves pretty easily. I loved the way barre3 blends yoga, ballet and strength work. I've found with other barre classes that the ballet part was always seriously lacking.

In the barre3 class I took, we did lots of plies and a couple strength moves that were based in old ballet warm-up exercises I used to do.

I felt really good by the time the class wrapped up. The class was challenging, but I never felt like I was doing anything that bothered my hip, and the instructor actually came over a few times to check and see how my hip was doing. I loved that she was so friendly and wanted to make sure I was doing OK.

I took another barre3 class a few days after the first one and loved that workout too. I especially liked that there was a lot of time spent on leg work, specifically glutes and hamstrings, which I really need to help balance out things from this hip injury. 

I've enjoyed the workouts so much that I actually bought a couple of classes through the studio so I don't run into limitations with my ClassPass membership. 

I'm excited that I'm very slowly getting back to doing workouts. I've missed being able to exercise so much, and it's been awesome to start to feel like I'm able to do things I love again.

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