Hip Things and Prednisone Side Effects

by - Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Last time we talked hip things, I was able to run a bit here and there and had slowly started reintroducing some strength training through barre classes.

In good news, a lot hasn't changed on that front. I'm still able to run a bit, and I'm still trying to do some regular strength training or PT exercises to help stabilize my hip.

In order to get to a place where I could do any of that again my doctor put me on a short course of prednisone.


As the kids say, it's a helluva drug.

On the positive side, it seemed to completely knock out my hip pain. By day two, I could get out of my car, stand up from my sofa, run, walk to work, basically exist like a normal human, without pain.

So that's a huge win.

But prednisone can have some nasty side effects. I will be honest that the side effects I've experienced have been more the annoying variety than the dangerous variety. I'm not whining about any of this, more just documenting my experience.

First, I gained weight. This is a pretty universal side effect of prednisone. And while my weight gain has been fairly minimal since I wasn't on it for very long, it's making me feel uncomfortable. Even after being off this stuff for like three weeks, I'm still ravenously hungry and my weight is yo-yoing. I feel super bloaty and gross a lot of the time, even on the days I work out.

From everything I've read, I know this is really common and that eventually (hopefully) this weight will come off and I'll return to normal. But I did read it can take a while after you've been off the steroids. I look forward to whenever that is so I stop feeling so bloated and feel more comfortable again.

The second side effect deals with lady things, so coworkers, family members, friends who may generally be skeeved out by that should probably stop reading now. The rest of this post is definitely TMI.

Here's a random holiday picture for you to end on.



Ok so this steroid also totally threw my period out its normal rhythm.

Last month it came 10 days early. TEN DAYS! That is bananas. It's basically half a cycle.

This month it's been in town for 10 days! That's like double its usual stay and I'm assuming that's also some of the reason I've felt bloated since basically forever now.

Also what's with the ten days in both of these scenarios? That's just weird.

So yea, prednisone -- great for knocking out inflammation and letting me be able to not have pain, bad for other major body systems.

I assume both the weight gain and the period issues will normalize in time. I just hope that doesn't take too long and doesn't mean my hip pain comes back because the steroid has totally worn off. Time will tell I guess.

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