Running in Minneapolis

by - Monday, May 28, 2018

After being sick for the first three weeks of May, I was really excited when I finally started feeling better after a heavy course of antibiotics and steroids to shrink my ridiculously swollen tonsils.

The timing worked well too because a few days after getting the new medicine, I was off on a work trip to Minneapolis. I started feeling better just in time to squeeze in a gorgeous morning run across the Mississippi.


The weather was perfect when I left my hotel, in the mid-60s with no humidity.

I kept a fairly even pace for most of the run, though I stopped a few times to snag some pictures.

The Mississippi River was about a mile from my hotel, so I ran there and crossed over the Stone Arch bridge.

I got some really nice views of St. Anthony's Falls before heading south toward the campus of the University of Minnesota.


I ran through campus a bit and found my way back across another bridge into Minneapolis again.


I wasn't completely sure the fastest way to get back to my hotel, so I plugged my address in Google Maps and the directions took me right past U.S. Bank stadium -- the site of the Eagle's first ever Super Bowl victory.


I obviously had a little moment there.

The run was just shy of five miles, the longest distance I've run in a really long time. It was such a great way to see the city. And Minneapolis was such a beautiful city.

I was impressed how very green it was. It seemed to be full of parks and lakes. I didn't have a car on the trip, so I mainly stayed in and around the downtown area, but I loved how easily walkable the city seemed to be (at least where I was staying).


If Minneapolis weren't so ridiculously cold and snow-covered in the winter, I would have considered moving there in a heartbeat.


The city clearly made quite the impression!

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  1. So happy that you love Minneapolis! I went in 2015 for the Twin Cities marathon and absolutely fell in love with the city. Totally did not expect the Mississippi river to be that wide that far north. I stayed with a blogger friend whose apartment overlooked the stone bridge, and she took me around to tour the city some. We also went to a Twins game which was so much fun.

    Seriously, I think I would be able to stand the snow & cold up there. Might even trump Wisconsin for how nice the people are and my eventual retirement destination.