MCM Training Week Six

by - Thursday, August 20, 2020

Week six of my training program brought a reduction in weekday mileage and an increase in my long run mileage.

I was super glad to have a midweek break. Instead of 3 weekday runs of 5-6 miles each, I only needed to knock out two five milers. Mentally that seemed far more manageable. Physically, I'm also getting to the point in the training plan where I can feel the cumulative mileage increases pretty acutely in my legs. 

Having an extra rest day thrown in last week was just what my legs needed.

I took two back-to-back rest days after my long run on Saturday, and when I woke up Tuesday morning to do my five miler, my legs felt really fresh. That run was a tempo run and I was definitely able to push the pace more than normal. 


Wednesday was a full-body strength training day.

Thursday was another five mile run. This one was at a much slower pace, and it started to rain in my last mile. I didn't hate it though since the rain felt like a bit of a break from the heat. I also did another strength session on Thursday. 

Friday was another rest day and then Saturday was my long run. 

I ran 14 miles on Saturday, which is the furthest I've run in a really long time. I intentionally mapped out a course that I hoped would be less hilly since I'd been struggling with the hills on my long runs for the last several weeks. 


The new course still had some pretty major climbs at the beginning (and unfortunately also in the last mile), but the middle portion was a lot less up and down. 

Even though I was blessed with a cloudy day, I still ran out of water before I was finished with the run. I don't remember having this hydration problem when training for past marathons, and I was trying to figure out how I managed before. 

For my first marathon, I remember carrying a massive bottle of Gatorade with me. It was so inefficient and made running so hard, but I never worried about running out of water. 

Then I remembered that the last time I trained for Marine Corps, I did most of my long runs on a trail with water fountains. I'd always stop to fill my water bottle up after the half way point. Since water fountains aren't really operational at the moment, I'm going to need to come up with another plan. 

Friends on 20 mile run
Here's a throwback from 2012 training for MCM and doing long runs with Megan and Jax, one of her roommates at the time.

I've considered figuring out a loop that takes me back past my house, and I think that's what I'm likely going to end up doing. But, ugh, the thought of getting back home and then having to turn around and run a whole bunch more miles doesn't seem incredibly motivational. 

Despite still struggling on the hydration front, I did manage to get a better handle on the nutrition side and I didn't feel myself bonking in the middle of this run. I did a half piece of toast with some peanut butter before I left the house. Then I carried a bunch of gummy bears with me and started popping a few at a time starting around mile 5. 

Typically during races and training in the past I've been a big fan of Gu. But I keep forgetting to order it, and it was easy enough to grab a big bag of gummy bears at the grocery store. So for now, that's sort of the plan I'm sticking with. 

My final time for the 14 miles was 2:27:15. I had been keeping a slightly better pace, but in the last two miles hit some big hills and had to walk a lot -- like definitely more than half a mile. 

Overall, it was another pretty good week of training. 

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