Our Nordic Vacation: Wrapping up Helsinki and Heading to Stockholm

by - Monday, April 03, 2023

Our last half day in Helsinki, we woke up to sleet and rain that we hoped would clear out by the time we finished breakfast since we only had a few hours remaining before we were heading to Stockholm.

Luckily it did, and we were able to enjoy our last few hours walking around to the last few sites we hoped to check off our list. Helsinki isn't a huge city, so we felt we got to see a lot even though we weren't there for super long.


It stayed cold and grey as we strolled past some of the major museums, around the library and up to Toolo Bay, which was still largely frozen. 


I had been interested in checking out two churches that came highly recommended in Helsinki. The first was the Kampii Chapel of Silence. It's supposed to be a place anyone can go for a moment of respite in the city, but unfortunately it was temporarily closed while we were in town. 


The other church I've seen referred to as the rock church in English because it's this big church that is built into a rock that was blasted out. 


The architecture in the church was pretty cool, and I certainly enjoyed the chance to get out of the cold weather for a bit. 

We wrapped up our remaining time in Helsinki riding some of the city's trams. Rick Steves had an interesting tram loop he recommended for a chance to catch a glimpse of some of the further out sites in the city, and since we had some time to kill before we needed to head to Stockholm, we did that. 

The tram tour took us past the old Olympic stadium, through some neighbors, past the botanic gardens and then back into the heart of the city before passing through Helsinki's version of embassy row.

After collecting our luggage at our hotel, we walked about 15 minutes over to the port where we could catch our boat to Stockholm. 


We had initially been planning to fly to Stockholm, but after our horrendous travel experience getting to Helsinki, we weren't eager to deal with an airport again so soon. So we switched things around and booked an overnight boat trip instead. 

We found good seats to watch as we departed Helsinki before the sun set. 


My pictures through the front windows are less than ideal, but it was too cold to stand outside on the upper decks. 

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