by - Monday, July 31, 2006

I have been sorely neglecting my poor blog here. But then again at the same time I've been slacking a bit with the running too. Last week was crazzzzy. Work was nuts. Normally I don't have to be in until 10 because we're journalist and we can't be working if no one is up for us to call and talk to. But on Tuesday I had to be at Lehigh at 8:30 to cover something and then Thursday I was at Eagles camp at 7:45 to get press credentials and there was nooooo way I was getting up to run before that.

I ran last Monday and Wed and Saturday. So I mean I guess I didn't slack that much. But I didn't cross-train like I was supposed and I skipped Thursday's run. So it really seemed like I've been a major lazy bum.

This week though we're gonna get things back to normal. I don't have any early work days, which means I have no excuse to not run in the morning before it gets ungodly hot out like it has been. If it gets to 100 degrees on Wed. I might cry a little bit. (Okay not really) I love summer, but seriously there's a point where it gets to be a bit tooo hot.

Today's run went pretty well. I felt a little bit sluggish because it was early and extremely hot already, but I managed to push through and run the whole time, and I felt really good afterwards.

As far as other exciting news, you may have all picked up on my mention of Eagles camp earlier in the post. Well I am a huuuuge Eagles fan and for my internship at the paper I got to go to camp and stand on the field with the rest of the media and then interview players afterwards. It might have been my coolest jouranlistic experience yet. It was so neat to be like three feet away from the guys I've been watching on TV forever.

And it was kind of cool because the Eagles just picked up a guy that graduated from MD the day before I was there. So I saw him all suited up in his Eagles stuff, which was pretty neat. (Note: He's been out of practice ever since with a pulled hamstring)

As far as my thoughts on the Phillies trade, I think we could have gotten a better deal for Abreu. And I can't believe just how bad we got beat today. Pathetic.

Anyway, I promise to try to update more often now that things have slowed down around here. I also promise (to myself mostly) to stick with my training plan and not slack off so much.

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  1. Wow! A life of journalist sounds exciting.