by - Friday, July 21, 2006

This hasn't been the best running week ever. I've been a major running slacker. As in I didn't do the two running work outs on my schedule because I've been soooo exhausted in the morning and it's been unbearably hot at night. So, all in all, I've been a slacker. But it was an easy week because it was tapering down to a half-marathon tomorrow. Granted I'm not running in an actual race, I'm still doing the distance. So tonight after work I have to go home and plot out 13.1 miles for tomorrow.

Interesting thought I figured I'd share. I was at the doctor the other day and I told him about this little mole that I had developed on the back of my ear. He said it was probably harmless but he wanted to remove it just in case. Well my friends removing it requires needles and I don't do well with them at all. So I had a minor freak out. Anyway I'm scheduled to get said thing removed in like two weeks ahh.

But the nurse made a really interesting comment to me. She asked me if I was a runner. I said yes. And she goes I knew it. Runner's freak out about needles. She explained it had something to do with our heart rates being lower to start with and then increasing a lot when we're around/being pricked by needles. She said a ton of runners pass out because of that. I'm not sure what I think of that. I mean I loooove to be able to use it as an excuse now. But what does everyone else think? Do you all freak out around needles? Or is that just me? I'm just really curious because I thought it was just such a strange connection.

Anyway hope everyone has happy runnings this weekend. I'm nervously anticipating my 13.1.

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  1. I don't like needles. I just don't look at it when they draw blood or anything. Plus I am NOW so used them from being pregnant and all of the blood draws.