by - Saturday, September 23, 2006

So today's run was my last "long" run before the big day. I'm officially in taper mode for the next two weeks. Today's run went pretty well, considering I'd been having all kinds of problems with shin splints, etc. in the days leading up to it. It was supposed to be a 20-miler, but I started feeling a slight tweaking in my knee and my legs were exhausted so I cut it short somewhere around 13 miles. I didn't think it was smart to push it this close to the race and risk getting hurt, especially since I'd been having problems. So my longest run to date was 18 miles. I still feel like I'll be ready for the marathon. It's three Saturday's from now, which gives me plenty of time to get in some quality shorter runs and taper and be ready to go on race day.

I'm also trying to find a sports massage therapist to make an appointment with for after the marathon because I noticed some tightness today and no matter how much I stretch nothing will get those deeper knots out like a good (albiet slightly painful) sports massage. Problem with being at school now, is that I don't know how shady any of the places in the phone book are. I don't want some creep-o touching my legs.

Things are starting to get into more of a flow with classes. I have my first exam coming up this Tuesday, but I don't think it will be that bad.

Notre Dame plays MSU tonight. 8 p.m. ABC. Justin (if I knew how to link to his blog I totally would) is in the MSU band, so we've had some all in good fun trash talking going on I guess we're going to see who gets bragging rights after tonight. (Although I'm pretty sure ND is beastly and has it locked down :O)

Alright I'm off to cram in some work before tailgating for my Terps! (yeaaa...where I actually go to school)

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  1. GO MSU! I want them to POUND Notre Dame (have the friend who's the alum there)

    Good job on the run today. Don't worry about cutting the run short. Most chiropractors have a massage therapist so that's good place to look. The person who gives me massages does a great job to get those darn knots out.

    Good luck on the 1st exam.

  2. Nice job on your run. Way to listen to your body!
    Good luck on you upcoming exam! :)