My aching arches

by - Monday, April 30, 2007

Recently when I've been running, I've been getting the weirdest and slightly painful feeling in the arches of my feet. It's mostly in my left foot and I'm not even 100% sure how to describe the feeling, but it's almost feeling as if my arch is tearing, or stretching really far past its limit.

I try to massage it out well when I get home from my runs before jumping in the shower. Sometimes that helps sometimes it doesn't. But I really have no idea what's going on with that or what to do about it.


Thanks to everyone who posted yummy healthy food ideas for me. So far I've done pretty well sticking with healthier foods and I mean I haven't seen an immediate pay off in my runs, but I think it will come. I cheated a little bit this weekend. I had a scope of free ice cream at Maryland Day (basically a giant outside celebration of Maryland's awesomeness) and had some chocolate chip pancakes at the diner Sunday morning for brunch. But other than that things have been going well. I've rediscovered Kashi, which used to be one of my favorite cereals in high school. My favorite part is that because it's so crunchy it takes forever to chew so I feel like I've eaten a ton when I really haven't and it has something ridiculous like 8 grams of fiber per serving, which rocks.

Reading Teacherwoman's blog this morning (she's celebrating her first blog-iversary so be sure to congratulate her!) reminded me that I celebrated mine not that long ago. April 10, 2006 was my very first blog post about how I had registered for my very first marathon after having not run consistently ever and running a marathon was one of those things I had on my "list of things to do before I die."

It's crazy how far I've come since then. Last year I couldn't fathom running more than three miles at once. But by October I had run a marathon (and a very hilly one at that). It's weird looking back on it all. I can't imagine not running now when just a year ago, I couldn't image running for any distance.

This entry has been so haphazard and random so apologies for that.

Three more weeks til summmmmmmer!!!!!

QUICK ADDITION: The draft....ohhh the draft. Brady Quinn's descent from top 10 pick to number 22 broke my heart. For those of you who read last fall, you all know how much of a huge Notre Dame football fan I am, and of course I'm also a huge Brady fan. So it was painful and heartbreaking to see him not getting picked. I was furious at the Browns for not taking him with their first pick. And the Vikings and the Dolphins pissed me off because they both needed quarterbacks. And what a slap in the face for the Dolphins to pick one of my least favorite OSU players instead (who was a big part in the reason Notre Dame lost to OSU in the Fiesta Bowl). P.S. Was it a surprise to anyone how late in Troy Smith was taken? I chuckled to myself a little. Sorry all you OSU you fans. Additionally props to Calvin Johnson for repping the ACC, being the second overall pick in the draft.

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  1. Be kind to your feet for a few days. Have you tried water running? I tried it for the first time last week and it seemed to work the same muscles as land running, but without all the pounding.

  2. I am wondering if your arches are not the right height? Or I have noticed when my legs are not relaxed I feel that pain. Just two ideas.

    Congratulations on your year in blogging!

  3. Happy Blogerannersary!