So close

by - Monday, April 23, 2007

I haven't had too much to write about recently. Nothing to fascinating has been happening.

Last week I got in a solid run on Wed. Had plans to go out Thursday morning before class, but was too tired and then whoops didn't run all weekend.

I'm back on track as of today though. I woke up at 6:30 this morning to get in about 35 minute run before work this morning. I got some killer shin splints about half way through because my hamstrings were really tight. I knew this before I went out running, but I knew there wasn't much I could do about it but push through it and stretch well afterwards.

The reason my hamstrings were tight is because I played double-header softball games on Saturday morning. (Also the reason I didn't have time to go running.) I could feel my hams tightening up as I was sprinting from base pad to base pad. I should have stretched afterwards, but I had a slight time crunch because I was trying to get back to campus to meet my friends to spend the day in Annapolis at the Naval Academy watching the Terps vs. Mids spring soccer game.

It's my own fault. I should have stretched, but I was able to get through my run. The legs weren't so sore that I couldn't move, so I figured it was an okay time to push it. I definitely stretched when I got back this morning. I teach kickboxing tonight, which lately has been causing problems for my hamstrings, so I'll just plan on doing an extra long cool down and stretch session because I'm going to need it (and really all my participants will too.)

Oh and the reason this post is titled "So Close" is because summer is soooo close. Only three more weeks of class and then a week of finals and then I'm home free. Unfortunately this week I have one paper due, next week I have two papers and group presentation due and then the final week of class I have another paper due. Talk about piling on the work at the end of the semester when the absolutely gorgeous weather makes me so unmotivated to do any kind of school work whatsoever.

Ah, well, I'll get through it somehow!

Hope everyone's enjoying the sunshine!

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  1. I too am so excited for summer! I Hope the next few weeks of class goes smoothly and finals are superb! The semester will be over before we know it!

  2. OH boy, you have a busy few weeks of school left. Great job on your run, I hope your shins heal up ok!

  3. Be kind to your poor hammies!

  4. Jess, I admire anyone that can play softball (or baseball). Sounds like you have a lot of great and diverse interests, so just enjoy everything you are doing and don't worry if you miss a run now and then.

    I just have to wonder if the ACC soccer teams (which did not exist when I lived in Chapel Hill in the early 70's) use soccer balls, or do they kick basketballs?