Gotta Love Softball

by - Saturday, May 12, 2007

In case anyone is interested, I'm posting the link to the website for the softball team I play on. If you search around you can find a hilarious picture or two of me, as well as my so-so stats.

We took another two beatings today. We have a problem in the first inning letting other teams score lots of runs and then we can't fight back into it. It was a little bit worse for me today though because a friend of mine was on one of the teams and we bet lunch on the game. Unfortunately we lost, so I was paying. Not to mention the part where he wacked a home run.....right over where I was playing in the outfield. It was a right at me and had I been back like 10 feet I would have caught it, but as it was, it sailed over my head and he made it all the way home. We had a good laugh about it at lunch.

Tomorrow's a rest day! YAY! But it's also study for finals day. Boo!

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