Little Bit O' Speedwork

by - Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Time: 36:00
Length: 3.2 (Gmaps is amazing! Thanks to all who left links on where I could find my mileage!)

Getting out the door to run this morning was not the most enjoyable moment of my life. I was tired and when I looked out the window at 6:30 it was grey and yucky out. But I dragged myself out of bed, hopped on my computer to check the weather and saw it was 62 degrees outside. Not too shabby I thought. Nice temp. for a run.

So I got dressed, laced up the sneakers and headed be smacked in the face with humidity. Whooo it was nasty outside. I hate running in humidity. It stinks a lot.

But anyway, I started out slow to get myself going and did some sort of speed workout. I wouldn't call it a tempo run because I didn't hold the same pace the entire time. I also wouldn't but I don't know if I could call it interval work either. My training plan calls it a tempo run, but ehhh I don't know. Anyway, what I did was 10 minutes at regular pace and then picked it up for 10 minutes at a faster pace and then dropped back to regular pace for the last 16 minutes of the run.

It seemed like working on foot turn over was a good goal for today. Tomorrow's supposed to be a running day according to the training schedule, but I think I'm going to swap it up for cross-training because I need to bump my long run from Saturday to Friday, and I don't want to have run three days in a row right before a long run. I think this week's long run is supposed to be six miles. Since GMaps is my new favorite toy, I'm sure I'll be spending plenty of time on there plotting out my course.

Tomorrow is the last day of classes for the semester! WAHOOOOO!!!!

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  1. I was looking at Gmaps as well. I had to use it to figure out the last part of my run from last night, as my garmin died on me! Great resource!

    Nice job on the tempo!

  2. I have never been a morning person. Now, I'm turning into something I don't like! LOL. Kudos for you for getting out and getting it done! Just be dogged in your determination. It pays! Try too. It uses the same technology as gmaps but is fancier. I use gmaps all the time when I want something quick.

  3. Just call it the Speed O'Bit By Jess :) way to get out there early!

  4. Great job getting out and getting it done! We hardly ever have to face humidity here, it would be so yucky that early in the morning!