It's Saturday morning...(okay really afternoon)

by - Saturday, August 18, 2007

...and no one is awake in my apartment yet. So I'm filling out Jess' meme. It's my first one ever on this blog (can you believe it?) So I guess I'm popping my meme cherry LOL. Enjoy.

How many teeth do you have?

24 regular teeth (I had to have four molars pulled when I was younger or else there wouldn't have been room for the rest of my teeth to come in straight) + 4 wisdom teeth (yeah mine came in and aren't getting pulled) = 28.

Have you ever had braces?
Yes. Twice. Once to fix my cross-bite and over-bite. The second time to actually straighten my teeth. Other fun things I had: headgear, retainers and because my jaw bone was too small I had to wear this thing on the roof of my mouth that had a key hole and every day I had to turn the key and it spread my jaw bone...yea it hurt the first few times.

Oh and I still have a permit retainer bar thing on my bottom teeth.

Name and tell us a bit about a pet you had as a child.
I was never allowed to have pets, but I finally got my parents to crack and let me adopt a baby hamster from my friend's who had babies. I named it Frisky after his mom and because he couldn't sit still. He was so small one time he squeezed out of the bars of the cage at night and we found him behind the refrigerator the next morning. (But I cried for a really long time because I thought he was lost forever. My parents freaked out because they thought he'd die in the walls and smell.)

Where were you born?
Allentown, PA.

How many siblings do you have?
1 brother. He's two years younger than me.

What was your high school's mascot?
The Viking. I still have crazy pride for the CCHS Vikes.

What was your favorite Halloween costume (either childhood or adulthood)?
When I was little it was the witch costume my mom made for me. I think this year's is going to be my favorite adult costume. I'm going as a CareBear. Other hilarious costumes from the college years: football player, baseball player and Catholic school girl (I found that one highly amusing because I went to Catholic school for 13 years)

What's your favorite smell?
Vanilla and coconut (although I think coconut tastes nasty)

What accomplishment are you most proud of?
Probably running my marathon last year. Maybe graduating college a semester early (but that won't actually happen until December)

Do you put the TP on the roll so that it feeds from the bottom or the top?

Have you ever broken anything?
My nose.

If you could travel anywhere, and the budget was not a factor, where would you go?
Italy or the Carribean Islands

What is your dream job?
Something that pays? LoL thinking about jobs has made me a little panicky of late with that whole graduation thing happening soon. But I'd love a job in the D.C. area writing lifestyle, trend and health stories. (Anyone got connections???)

What is your most embarrassing moment?
I'm in college. I've done a lot of embarrassing things.

What is your worst fear?
That'd be failure. Or not being the best at everything. Seriously being a perfectionist sucks.

What year did you graduate high school?

What was one of your new year's resolutions for 2007?
To spend less money...ya know, prep myself for this whole real world living on a budget thing.

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  1. You're such a young pup!

  2. Glad to see people are actually spreading this one around! Don't worry, the job/money thing will fall into place eventually, but don't be too shocked if it doesn't happen the day after graduation.

    BTW, I wanna know a SPECIFIC embarassing incident, c'mon!

  3. Thanks for stopping by!! ;D

    LOL at Stacy, She's right though. You are a youngin!

    I hear you on the New Year's Resolution. I'm still working on it :P I guess it's a good thing my husband handles the bills LOL

  4. Popping the meme cherry :-) Ummmm... OK. LOL. A breath of freshness in blogoland is always a treat!! Nice job!!

  5. my son has one of those retainer things at the back of his bottom teeth. I couldn't believe when they said it was permanent? permanent? no, really, when do you take it off? you don't? really?? i guess it must not be too bad if you still have yours!

  6. LOL Stacy you have no room to talk you're a little nugget yourself I'm the old lady around here 8-|

  7. You are so young! Thanks for sharing all of your answers!

    I think I am the official old lady around here! ;>)

  8. 1st: I totally feel you on the braces. I had them for a couple years in middle school, then I had a permanent retainer put in (I had a huge gap between my top 2 front teeth). Then it turned out that my teeth REALLLY wanted to be seperate and after 3 years with the retainer, it snapped 3 times in a 3 month period. I then just had the teeth bonded together! So much easier!

    2nd: I am sooo nervous about this year's costume. Please don't ruin my childhood!

    3rd: I totally agree. Toilet paper must roll from the top. Unfortunately you just claimed that's how you put it on. You don't put it on from what I can tell! I remember hitting it into your toilet b/c of that!

  9. Anonymous12:38 PM

    OK, I'm feeling a little dumb here, but this is the second time I've seent the word "meme" on someone's blog and I don't know what it means (or even how to pronounce it!) I looked it up on and it just didn't fit. Help me out - I'm a word person, I have to know! :)

    You graduated from high school in 2004? Oh my gosh - that makes me really old compared to you. :)