Kickboxing, Driving and Running

by - Wednesday, August 01, 2007

July Totals:
Time: 7 hours 29 mins 31 secs
Distance: 40.23 miles
(Less than last month, but that can probably be chalked up to my recent leg problems)

Kickboxing last night rocked. I taught a super intense class. Then I had to get in the car and drive home three hours (without time to shower). Sitting in a car all sweaty does not rock. But eh, well. It happens.

So now I'm back home in PA for a few days. As I mentioned in my previous post, I had a run scheduled for this morning before my sports massage. For whatever reason, my alarm didn't go off, but I woke up at 6:30 anyway. (Yea, that's a whole different issue right there lol!) My legs were feeling a little tired so I debated with myself about whether or not to run. It was like I had the angel and the devil sitting on my shoulder. The angel was like get up and run because after the massage you'll be sore for a few days and will miss runs. The devil was like go back to sleep or go sit and the sofa and watch Mike and Mike in the Morning.

Usually in these cases the devil wins, but for whatever reason today the angel won out. So I headed out for a run, 40 minutes according to the training schedule. With my leg issues though, I was really expecting to be able to do all 40 minutes, so I mentally prepared myself to let it be okay to stop when I needed to. And that's what happened. About 25 minutes in my legs were really killing me. So I walked the rest of the way home.

As for the sports massage, I don't know why it's called a massage. It's not comfortable. It's not relaxing. It's downright painful. But it's so worthwhile. My legs were so tight before I went and now they feel a lot looser. They also feel like they've been beaten up, so tomorrow is definitely a rest day so that the muscles can rest up and heal. I'd like to try for the nine I missed last week on Friday, but it usually takes me two days to recover from one of these massages, so I might not get it in. Or I might only get part of it in. (That would be ideal if I can't do the whole thing, to at least get something in before I head down to the beach.)

I'm not sure how training is going to go at the beach. I'm not bringing the training guide because I know it calls for a 10 miler next Friday and there's no way I'm running 10 miles on my last day of vacation. I plan to get a few solid runs in while I'm there though. My goal is to do between three and five miles on most days that I'm there. I figure that won't knock me too far off schedule, and I can re-schedule the 10-miler for the following week.

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  1. It's amazing how a run like that can loosen up the muscles. Make sure to keep them loose with a lot of stretching and so forth now! :)

  2. Oh man I would love a sports massage about now!!

    Great job getting out for the run..sorry your legs hurt though. :<(

  3. oh man what i wouldn't give for a massage!!! lucky duck are you!

  4. Good job going out for the run before the "massage." Very proud of that strong angel on your shoulder!

  5. c'mon, a 10-miler would be a perfect good-bye present for your vacation, wouldn't it?? :)

  6. Anonymous1:40 PM

    I'm glad you got that massage in. I know what you mean about the pain. Everyone will say, "Oh how nice to get a massage," and you know they have no idea. . . it's so NOT nice. But, worth it! :)

    Have fun on vacation!