Weekend Wrap and Outlook!

by - Monday, November 05, 2007

As noted in my last post, I had a lot going on this weekend, and needless to say the entire weekend was a blast.

Friday night I went out dancing with some of my friends, which is always a blast.

The entire day Saturday was dedicated to soccer. Waking up early to go buy food for the tailgate, then tailgating for 6 hours before the game, followed by the game itself. Terps win 4-1. All three seniors on the team scored, which was the perfect ending for senior night. My roommate let me borrow her camera because as well all know mine got broken a few weeks ago. I'll try to get some pictures up soon, but for now you can check out the photo gallery from the game here.

Saturday working out didn't happen so much, unless you count playing cornhole for two hours straight (my friend and I completely dominated!).

Sunday I planned to study for a test I have coming up this week, but instead I practiced the art of procrastination. I went to lunch with my friend. I posted pictures from the weekend on Facebook. When I finally cracked my notes, I got through one chapter before falling asleep for a much needed three hour nap.

I ended up sleeping through most of the Pats vs. Colts game. Caught the last two minutes when I got to the gym for demo team practice, but only one other girl showed up.

Got home and then watched the Eagles get killed by the Cowboys. My sports teams were not kind to me this weekend. Notre Dame lost to Navy for the first time in like 43 or 44 years, MD football lost to UNC, and well the Eagles. Thank goodness for soccer salvaging my weekend.

As for workouts this week, I've got Yoga and Trekking tonight and then I think I'm finally going to be able to get to Muscle Works on Tuesday (after many weeks of not going!). Wednesday I'm hoping to get a run in. I'm crossing my fingers that it will all work out.

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  1. and entire day dedicated to soccer... Yea, I get it :-)

  2. yea.. that was a blow out for the Eagles. I really wanted to see them take it to T.O. but it was the other way round.

  3. Sounds like a great weekend, Jess.

  4. Your ND team hasn't been very kind to you all year. I'm glad that you had a great weekend regardless. :-)

  5. OK I'm a moron. What is Trekking? LOL

  6. Looks like it was an awesome weekend!

  7. The Pats vs. Colts game was good. Not a classic but good. Too bad the Colts lost.

  8. What a fun weekend!!!

  9. Anonymous8:39 PM

    I want to know what cornhole is. I can only imagine. Hope you were able to squeeze in some study time. But, overall, sounds like a good weekend. Who needs studying anyway? ;)