Missing that Sunshine Already

by - Saturday, January 12, 2008

Well I'm back from Florida and the Bahamas, and I promise a full report soon. But that won't be happening today because today I have to pack my life into lots of boxes because I move to start my new job tomorrow. I'm hoping that moving in and getting everything set up won't take too long because I have some great pictures that I'd like to show you all. So keep an eye out for them tomorrow.

Just a quick summary....the vacation was a blast! And yes, Jess, I was on the Majesty of the Seas.

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  1. Anonymous2:11 PM

    Oooooo! I can't wait to see! And update us on how your new job goes!

  2. Can not wait for the trip report. Good luck moving today.

  3. Have an easy move! (As easy as such things go)