Shave your 5K and more

by - Wednesday, January 23, 2008

After seeing the Shave your 5K image on just about everyone's blog, I decided it was time to step up to the challenge. And what a challenge I had finding a 5K somewhere around me that time of year. But I managed to find a few that are possibilities so I think I'm good to go.

In workout news, I'm sore. I ran again yesterday at the gym, but because I was feeling a little tight in the hip flexors when I got there, I knew I needed to take it easy. I went with a R3/W1 making sure the run was no faster than a 12 minute mile.

When I woke up this morning, I realized I'm a little sore in th quads mostly, which is a little strange for me because I've never really been tight there before. I know it's just my body getting used to running again after so much time off. The tightness also serves as a reminder that I need to remember to take it slow as ease back into building my base.

My plan for tonight at the gym still depends on how I'm feeling. I know I'm not running, and I think I might just use it as a night of upper body strength work. But we all know I hate the weight rooms in we'll see what happens with that.

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  1. YEEEEEE Haaawwwww I'm so going to beat your butt at the Shave Your 5K! Nah just playin LOL

  2. Have a good workout today! Everyone's getting into the challenge.

  3. i don't know about this shave your 5K thing, myself.

    but, i have been doing a R4:W2 and it is amazing for getting back on track after taking a month off running. I'm a run/walk convert!

  4. YAY! I can't wait to hear how everyone does in the 5K shaving! Hopefully we are all going to be 5K speedsters! :>)