Most Fantastic 7 Ever

by - Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sorry I'm not getting around to blogging about yesterday's long run until this afternoon. As soon as I got home yesterday I jumped in the shower, grabbed some food and was out the door to watch the St. Patrick's Day parade downtown. After that it was off to eat lunch with friends and watch many, many basketball games.

The night wrapped up at one of the more chill bars in town with a final stop at Denny's for some late night breakfast. It was definitely a fun day.

But I think the best part was my seven mile long run in the morning. Everything about it was perfect. The temperature was in the high 40's or low 50's with alternating sunny and cloudy moments.

I had mapped out a course before hand and was having a hard time finding an area that I could run avoiding hugely busy roads. What I settled on worked out pretty well. It was a little bit through neighborhoods, with an out and back into a part of town I've never been to. That road was a little narrow sometime and occasionally I had to run in the grass when a car went by, but it wasn't really an issue and it's a route I'll have to keep in mind for future runs.

I cruised the whole time. I started out telling myself I just wanted to take it nice and slow. Finishing strong was more important to me than any time. When I finished the course I mapped out my time was 1:18:32ish. I didn't stop my watch though and I kept running because I thought there was no way that could possibly be my time, so I figured I hadn't gone as far as I was supposed to on the out an back. So I added an extra loop and ended up back home with a time of 1:23:02.

When I re-mapped with the extra loop the entire course was 7.5 miles. And I had run 7.2 in the 1:18:32ish.

I was so excited! That's an average of 11 minute miles! Oh and I didn't have to stop to walk at all either. Seriously what could have been better about this run?

Today's a rest day, which will most likely be spent catching college hoops finals and then Selection Sunday coverage.

Catch you all tomorrow.

Dinner Friday: Went to a Chinese buffet as a going away party. Had a little bit of lots of different things, including, crab legs, lo mien, pasta salad and garlic bread.

Pre-run: Cliff bar
Breakfast: Cheerios with skim and half a grapefruit
Lunch: Chicken Caesar wrap and fries
Dinner/late night breakfast at Dennys: Cheese omelette, wheat toast and the potato thingies.

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  1. Sounds like a great run. I love runs where you're just "In the zone" and everything just flows. Awesome.

    By the way, I hope new, random comments don't bother you too much. I just recently stumbled onto a whole running/blogging network and your blog was part of it! Hope that's cool!

  2. Can't ask for anything better than that, huh? Sweet job!

  3. Anonymous3:26 PM

    great job on the run!

    make sure you're eating enough :) you're a runner, and you need your fuel :)

  4. Nice job on the run... no breaks! wahoo!

  5. Great run! Sounds like everything fell in place.

    I like the food log.

  6. Great Run!
    I might follow your led on the food log. I need to keep myself accountable...still feeling sick this morning from all the butterscotch chips I ate last night :)
    Take Care

  7. A great run to start off a great day! Does it get any better? :-)

  8. Good job on your run!!