Weights and recovery run

by - Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thank you all for your input on whether to lift or run first. After I asked the question, I remembered interviewing someone for a story I was working on that said lifting first can be good because it's easier to maintain proper form because you aren't as fatigued and you can use extra glycogen stores so that way when you do the cardio portion you burn more fat.

Interesting in theory. I like the idea of having better form and I didn't want to be super sweaty on the weight machines so I decided to lift first and run second.

Weights went well. Upper body only. I did a little bit on the machines and then switched to the free weights because I like them better because I have more control over what I'm doing.

The run was shit. My legs felt like lead. I was tired and dragging for the whole 30 minutes and I was only at 5.5 mph. Ew. It was not the most satisfying run in the entire world. But whatever.

Tomorrow is cycling class! Dare I say...whooo hoo?

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  1. "The run was shit" ... nice sum up :) At least you did the whole run. Enjoy the cycling class.

  2. Sometimes you just gotta go with what ya get... Passing judgement not required ;-)

  3. Maybe your post-weights runs will feel better after you do more of them. Sometimes it is a matter of introducing your body to a new idea and then giving it a chance to accept the concept! :)