9 mile dud

by - Saturday, April 05, 2008

Today my long run was a nine miler. I mapped out a course and made sure I had pasta for dinner last night. I was in bed by 1 a.m. and woke up at 9ish to get ready to run.

Chowed down a PowerBar, drank some water and threw a pack of Sharkies in my running pack and was out the door by 9:45ish.

If you noticed the title of this post, I was not feeling this run.

But let's focus on the positives first:
I finished the entire 9 miles.
By some miracle I ran an average of 11:12 minute miles.
My final time was 1:41:17

And now for the not-so-positive aspects of this run:
It sucked from the minute I started.
My legs felt like I dead weight.
I never hit my stride.
I had to start walking at the 55 minute marker (which was when I ate the Sharkies so I'd have energy for the last 4ish miles)

In the end:
After I had to start walking the first time, I walked for about five minutes while I was eating the gummies and then started running again and kept that up for another 12 minutes or so. After that I had to switch the run 5 minutes walk two minutes method.

I'm not sure how with all that walking I was able to finish in the time I did. I went back and re-mapped my course when I got home, and it still magically said nine miles.

So I guess another big positive is that even though I had to start walking I was able to keep my times consistent. Unfortunately I don't have splits, but I think the first few miles I had to be smoking even though I was trying to tell myself to run slowly.

Now I'm going to go rest my heavy legs and do all sorts of fun things like laundry and grocery shopping....you know you're jealous haha!

Catch ya back here Monday.

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  1. Don't feel bad about the run. I admire you for going out there and at least trying to get the whole distance done. Great job!

  2. A good long run and by run slow yoe cat fast!.
    Groet Rinus.

  3. Despite the fact that you found your 9 miler to be a dud, I think you did very well. We have good runs, and we have bad runs. It's just a super bummer when our long runs are the duds. You did great!

  4. I wouldn't have guessed it to be a dud by the numbers.

    Way to get 9miles done!!

  5. 9 miles is great! Way to power through! Those are the runs that make the future runs work!
    I feel so old...when you say, I was in bed by 1 am it makes me smile. I have not seen 1 am in a LONG time!
    Take Care

  6. Its never a dud if you finish. You did good!

  7. The important thing is that you did it, chica! WTG!!!

  8. You shouldn't feel bad about that run!! You got the miles in and your time was good. Way to go!!

  9. Sometimes runs suck. You got it done and that's what matters most. Don't worry, you'll have a good run soon and it will erase the memory of this dud.

  10. When I wasn't feeling it, I always switched to a run x walk 2 minute interval. It made many a heavy run enjoyable for me!!! good job!!

  11. It still sounds great but I know how that feels. my 8 miler last week was just like that! You did it and that is what matters!! And I would have loved your time. :>D