OUCH! This blister is the devil

by - Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Hot damn this blister hurts like bitch! It is huge and makes my left pinky toe twice it's normal size.

Normally I love my blisters and laugh at them and it's all good times, but that's because I've never had one that hurt this much. I'm limping around the office like a moron.

(I tried to snap a pic of it on my camera phone to post here, but it wasn't working so well...and sitting at my desk with my sock off taking pictures of my toe was probably going to start freaking the co-workers out...so apologies peeps...I know how much you love those pics.)

It's so bad, I don't think I'm going to be able to play soccer tonight. It kills having my work shoes on (I've tried to stealthly keep them off under my desk for most the day). I have no idea how I'm going to jam it in a cleat and then try to run around on it, when I can barely walk on it now.

I've got a band-aid on it and I'll make a go of soccer, but who knows how that will go.

In workout news, Tuesday's lifting was good even though I overslept and had a shortened session.

This morning's run went well. It was a speed day. So I warmed up for five minutes than cranked it to 5.5 for another five. Then 6.0 and then from minutes 15-20 I went from 6.5 to 6.9. Whoo I was like flying haha.

I slowed it back down to 6.0 for five more minutes and then finished up at 5.5. All in all, a pretty solid workout.

Still haven't decided about the two half marathons. I want to do it, but I'm not sure if I have the dinero to pay the entry fee haha.

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  1. ouch!!!!!!!!!!!!! i HATE blisters... especially when having to walk around in heels all day :( hope it feels better!

    and i know what you mean... these race fees really add up!! and all the races i am doing are local ones, if you have to travel it gets espensive real fast! good luck!

  2. Actually I THANK YOU for not posting it. I think I'm the only runner who doesn't get any satisfaction out of blisters or lost toenails LOL

  3. i've only had a blister once on my foot. Didn't like it at all.

    I found a treadmill program that does intervals (on the treadmill i've been using). I like that for speedwork. 1.5min fast, 1.5min slow...alternating 10 times. Good workout for me.

  4. Ouch.. Take care. They handed out some foot cream stuff at the expo for ING and that stuff worked wonders. I had not one blister at the end - and usually I'd have a few.

  5. I hope that you can get that blister taken care of and get back to your training. I used to get blisters, and I discovered that it was my shoes that were causing them.

    Everything is expensive these days. If gas prices keep going up, I'll have to start running to my running events. :-(

  6. I hoped you taped that sucker up and played soccer :-)

  7. Wes,
    I totally taped that bad boy up and played. Let's be honest, I think I was never going to not play.

  8. Is it like the blister on "Run Fatboy Run!"?

  9. I am glad for the lack of pictures too :)
    I am SO impressed with your speed. I struggle at 5.2. I look at those ladies going 6.0+ with envy...I WILL get there!
    Way to be hard core on the soccer too!
    Take Care!

  10. Blisters suck!! I really make sure that I apply Body Glide when I run.

  11. Hope your blister is better!!

    The race fees really add up!! UGH!