Casino Driving

by - Monday, June 09, 2008

I'm feeling a little bit like Casino Drive this morning. Don't follow horse racing? He's the one who had to scratch the Belmont Stakes at the last minute.

How am I similar to said horse you may ask? Well I'm thisclose to scratching the Baltimore 10-Miler because of my stupid knee. But before we get to that, I'm going to focus on the positive of this weekend -- that besides running it was awesome and I accomplished a ton.

Friday I hit a rocking spin class and it felt so good. I was sweating like crazzzy, but was working my butt off and I liked it haha.

Saturday I played tennis for about an hour and a half with a friend from work. It was insanely sunny and hot outside leading to unfortunate sunburn lines. I was wearing a sleeveless Under Armour top (who's surprised?)and my shoulders are really red and there's a very distinct line between red and ghostly white haha. It doesn't hurt too badly though.

Sunday was the day I was going to test out the knee. I headed out around 9ish and it was already 86 degree so I made sure to carry some water with me. I started off fairly slowly just trying to take my time. After little more than a mile I could feel something twinging in my knee. S of a B. I didn't want to push it so I headed home raving mad.

Because I was pissed off at my knee, I decided to head to the gym for some nonimpact stuff. Did an hour of yoga and about 40 minutes or so of laps.

Because I am stupid/was antsy from sitting around/am extremely stubborn/figured if my knee was hurt already what the hell was more tennis going to do for it, I went out Sunday night and played about 30 minutes or so of tennis. It was a good thing it got dark when it did.

Anyway, going to try to make an appointment with an orthopedic dude sometime. Goody goody.

Please kill me now.

Spinning this morning was fine, but then it started to bother my knee. What the heck else is new? I"m swimming tomorrow because at least that can't mess anything up.


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  1. I'm sorry that you are still having trouble with that knee. I'm glad that you are going to get it looked at. Good luck!!

  2. Take care of that knee and get it checked out soon. Hopefully once you know what is wrong you can do what needs to be done to get better and back to running. Sounds like a fun weekend!

  3. that sucks!! i bet that is so frustrating. hopefully the dr. can tell you something to get it feeling better asap! good luck!

  4. Oh snap - I hope you can get it figured out soon.

    Sounds like you got the tennis bug, too. I've been DYING to play but nobody will play with me around here. wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I dno't want to join a club because they are way to expensive in this area.

  5. I feel kinda like BigBrown's jockey. He said "I have no horse". Today "I have no legs"

    Difference is, me finishing last isn't such an upset. LOL.

    Anyway...just relating to your Belmont analogy. :)

    As for the knee...have it checked out for sure.

  6. That stinks about your knee! Hopefully you'll be able to get in with the ortho guy quick and he can get you fixed up!
    Sounds like your time on the court was fun, way to make the best of the weekend!

  7. So, question for you. How does your knee feel when you are playing tennis? I have a lot of knee issues and cringe at the thought of how tennis can make it worse... all that back and forth side to side....

    ... I would probably have that knee checked out! Take care of it.. you're still young!

  8. Hopefully a visit to prthopedist can help figure out the problem!

  9. Jess.. hope the doc appointment goes well and sorry its still bothering you. Take it easy with that.

  10. Awww...sorry about your knee! But definitely take it easy - you don't want to hurt it worse!

  11. Awww man, I am so bummed that the run did not go well. for sure it is time to call in an expert and see what is going on. Great job on the other workouts! The tennis would be ab work for me.

    Yaa on the killer spin class, you know I am biased. since cycling is usually not to much impact if it is the outter knee pain maybe raising the seat will help. Just the stuff I have read in my huge book. Keep us posted. I hope it is something that can be resolved with surgery and stuff.

  12. I feel your pain!
    Take Care!

  13. I am glad that you are getting your knee looked at. Starting to get me concerned

  14. Things would be a lot easier if we were machines and they could just replace an injured part with another. Rest assured, it will (eventually) get better.

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