by - Wednesday, June 04, 2008

For some reason unknown to me, I woke up ready to face the day at 3 a.m. Seriously it wasn't cool. I tried to fall back to sleep, but gave up at 4 a.m. and thought maybe I would try to read and eventually fall back to sleep. Well no such luck there either so at 5:20 a.m. I got dressed and went to the gym.

I hadn't been to spin class in about a month and a half because when the weather gets nice, who wants to be inside in a gym? I'd much rather be outside running.

But as I'm sidelined with this knee thing running was out of the picture.

Spinning was great. The regulars had missed me and asked me where I'd been, which made me smile.

Tonight I'm supposed to have a soccer game (if it doesn't thunderstorm). I'm going to play, but if the knee starts acting up I'm going to stop. I'm hoping that running on the grass will be a nice easy way to break it in.

If things go well tonight, I'm planning on trying a short run tomorrow.

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  1. Ahhh... Go play goalie :-) Make the goalie run on the field!! LOL!!!

  2. Oh that is so early! But you made the best of it. Good luck in the game.

  3. Have fun at the game.. 3am - that sucks. I would have a nightmare of a day after that.

  4. Ugh 3am!! Yuck!! I hope you are able to run!

  5. Anonymous3:15 AM

    Take care of that knee!

    I like the picture on top of your blog! Looks great!

  6. Scott and I were leaving the gym this morning as the early spin class got out...and we both said something to the efect of...it looks like they had fun! hmmmm
    Be careful tonight!
    Take Care

  7. Good luck on your run. I hope that the knee feels OK.

  8. Girl you better have that coffee handy LMAO!

  9. Man, that stinks on the early wake up.

    LOL @ the regulars looking for you at spin class. That happened to me when I was getting a lot of rides outdoors.

    I hope the knee holds out for soccer.

  10. PS you know I am loving the title..hehehe

  11. Hey There-
    I'm also a Terp Alum living in Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh area)! I will also be doing the Baltimore 10 Miler! That will be my longest "race", but I'm excitied for it!
    Best of luck with your training!