PT days one and two

by - Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Just call this the most evil muscle in the body...

Well homies, I've had two (that's right two) physical therapy sessions since I last blogged. Monday night and then again this morning.

Monday's PT wasn't too bad. My physical therapist is this really nice girl named Jackie. I'm thinking she can't be that much older than me. Monday she basically tested my leg strength and flexibility and went over a few very basic strengthening exercises that would be my homework. Nothing too complicated. Mostly stuff I was familiar with from teaching my various classes.

This morning....well peeps that was another story all together. I warmed up on the elliptical for five minutes. Then did the basic leg strengthening exercises. No problem there.

And then they brought out the dreaded foam roller. You may have remember reading Akshaye's post about this not too long ago. Holy crap did that hurt.

Hottie McHottster Therapist (HMT) who was there saw my girl pull it out and then saw me eying it nervously and he was like, "Yea that's for you."

So I rolled very slowly and very painfully over it for a few minutes. But then I got to stop and do some leg presses and calf stuff while chatting with HMT.

Once I finished that and was waiting for my girl to stretch me out (more on that in a bit) I started chatting with HMT and one of other therapists who told me she is training for her first half marathon. Turns out it's the Va. Beach half...the one I'm trying to do if my knee rehabs in time. So we chatted about that and HMT was impressed by my story about how I ran it last year with strep throat.

Then Jackie came to stretch me out, which included a rub down of the IT band. OH MY GOD PAIN. PAIN. PAIN. PAIN. Holy crap I can't even put into words how much it hurt. It was not fun. At all. Even a little bit. But I survived and get to go back for more on Thursday morning. At least I've got some eye candy that I get to scope out haha.

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  1. Nothing like a hottie to distract you from the pain :-)

  2. HMT sounds nice and juicy! :) Sorry to hear about all the pain.... just think, it will get better. Right? It has to!

  3. Did you get his digits?!? You better make that pain worthwhile :P

  4. Anonymous3:45 PM

    I so feel your pain! The massage on the ITband is BRUTAL! (Massage is way too nice of a word for what they do to you!) :) Good luck getting that healed. I know how much that sucks. At least you have a happy reason to go to PT, too! (HMT)

  5. My husband had the PT pull out the roller on him this morning for IT band as well. He tells me it hurt like heck. I'm glad I've not had to deal with thata.

  6. Uuughh, that sounds like it was rough! Good thing you had something good to look at! Hang in there!!!

  7. hottie PTs are the best!
    hang in there!
    Take Care

  8. Hi Jess

    Ouch!! I guess if they are making you hurt that much, there better at least be some sort of healing benefit... we hope.

    Get better and if not tell that foam roller to go *****! its rotten self.

    Sending you healing thoughts all the way from Michigan.

  9. You got my sympathy as a fellow sufferer! The only good thing I can say is yep.. it will work.

  10. Just caught up on the back story of the PT. It may suck.. but hey as long as you're back running soon its worth it. Hope all goes well!

  11. The foam roller is your friend. She just have an evil side.

  12. I'm so sorry to hear about your pain! Hope it heals quickly for you. Injuries just suck.

  13. Sometimes that feels better the day after. So I hope it loosened up sunfin. I think there is a hottie application process at PT school. LMAO! Girl, work you way over to that getcha some free rollering ;-)

    Have a great 4th weekend!!

  14. I've never experienced the eveil pain that is the foam roller. I've been able to stretch mine out when it flares. Man, keep at it. You'll be back on the road in no time.

  15. Good luck with the knee! I was given a bunch of PT exercises a year ago, and I still do them!