PT day three

by - Thursday, July 03, 2008

I had PT again this morning and it wasn't nearly as painful when Jackie rub out my IT Band! Whoo!

The foam roller still hurt though. They keep telling me it will stop after a while. I'm not 100% sure I believe them.

They had me doing a couple of new exercises today. Nothing too crazy. It was mostly stuff on machines you'd find in any normal gym.

The one funky thing was this thing called the Fitter. You basically slide back and worth across to build strength for lateral movements. (The guy in the picture kinda looks like a creeper.)

HMT said it was, "like skiing, without the skis and the poles and the snow."

So really, not so much like skiing at all. But it was kind of a fun toy to play on.

Jackie said we're going to try out running next week. I'm really nervous about it. I want to get back to it so bad, but I'm so afraid I'm going to be disappointed when I try it out. I guess we'll see what happens.

Here's my quick HMT update: Turns out he's from the same hometown as I am. He went to a high school not too far from mine and graduated two years before me. He knows some of the same people I know from high school. Uncanny.

Today we chatted about all kinds of sports stuff. Mostly football. Mostly him making fun of Notre Dame football and both of us talking about the couple excellent pro's Maryland has turned out lately.

This is about as personal as I've ever gotten on the blog...I feel like I might be crossing into that emo kid crap. Warn me if I am.

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  1. Yup. Foam rollers hurt like crap, but it does get better... Or so I've heard!

    So... When you gonna make your move :-)

  2. hahaha... Wes. Yea, when are you going to make your move?

  3. Haha.. emo kid!??! No way :)

    The foam roller does get better as you loosen up more. I really hope the run goes well for you next week - keep working on the PT!

  4. LMAO at Wes!! Yeah baby!! You get those digits!

    I'm glad you pointed out the dude in the pic. I instantly thought "pervert" :P

  5. That fitter thing looks like a workout. PT always mingles with peronal trainer lines.

    Oh yea ease into that HMT like a muscle rub...I could not think of nothing whitty. Don't hold back on us, this is super exciting stuff to me :-) i keep looking forward ot your next appt. LOL!

  6. Anonymous9:51 PM

    Keep sharing the goods! We want the updates on HMT! :) Makes your PT appointments so much more exciting, huh?

    Good luck on your upcoming trial run!

  7. Lovin the update on HMT! Sounds like you're on the right track (with the PT too!!)!

  8. Lovin the update on HMT! Sounds like you're on the right track (with the PT too!!)!

  9. At a certain point, the pain of the foam roller is actually enjoyable. I know that sounds sick and twisted, but it's true.

  10. I'm not sure that I'd believe them when they say the roller gets better either.