Not the best of days

by - Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Update: My friend from school requested a picture of my leg propped on my two waste cans. So here you have it. Haha.

I've been through five physical therapy sessions so far since this injury happened more than a month ago. I've rested, I've iced, I've done my PT homework and last night we were going to try taping my knee cap in place and running.

She taped me up good. So good that it felt weird to walk, but once I loosened it up and got the hang of it I was ready to tackle the treadmill. She wanted me to try five minutes. It was good going in the beginning. Then the tape slipped and it was hello pain.

They re-taped me at the end of the session last night and sent me on my way.

Well peeps, this whole taping the knee cap into place thing sucks. Getting in and out of my car is awful. It hurts to bend my knee because of the tape. Last night, a few of us from work got together to watch D-3 (Who doesn't love the Mighty Ducks?) and I could barely sit still. I had to keep shifting positions.

And then when we were leaving one of the guys asked me if I had a comeback race planned.

Oh boy, that must have hit a nerve more than I realized because I'm driving home and next thing I know I'm crying about how much I miss running and how much this whole thing sucks and how frustrated I am.

I'm trying to tell myself that I need to pull it together. I don't think I've ever really cried about an injury, but this one is really getting to me. I called up my friend Josh because he's a runner and who the heck else is going to understand this? (You may remember Josh from previous posts. He's my friend from school who is also laid up with an injury. He broke his leg and had to have surgery and he's going through PT now too.)

He was able to calm me down. We chatted about how much this whole PT thing and not being able to run sucks. And then I tried to go to sleep, but my stupid taped knee wasn't really helping.

Whooo this post is getting long I'll keep the last bits brief.

This morning's PT went better. The tape stayed in place and my five minutes on the treadmill didn't bother me.

I'm quite a sight at work now though. Knee taped. Hobbling around the office. Leg propped up on my recycling bin which is balancing on top of my garbage can under my desk.

Unfortunately I don't have much of an HMT update for today. Last night and this morning he was super busy with people. I mean he came over and chatted with me a little bit last night about how my weekend was and made the occasional snarky comment or two, but that was about it.

Thoughts, comments, advice on how to proceed from here are always appreciated LOL!

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  1. I was reading the hubby's Men's Health last night and there was a section on how taping is better than bracing for knee pain...interesting to read your post right after reading that article. I am thinking of giving the taping a try too...
    Hang in there and take care!

  2. You are young, chica! You got so much running ahead of you. Let's get this thing figured out so you can get back to 100%. That's what's most important.

  3. Oh boy. Tape? Sounds like a pain in the ass... or knee in your case. I hope it helps with the recovery. And I second what Wes says.

  4. (((HUGS))) chica! I know how you feel :-( It DOES suck when you have to "sit out" but Wes is RIGHT! You're YOUNG!! This is just a small blimp on the the bigger picture. Hang tight girl, you'll be back to running soon!

  5. You will be back, just stick with the PT and take it slow. Keep your chin up!! :-)

  6. Can you buy one of those braces that keeps the knee cap in place? Might be more comfortable.

  7. Jess.. a big HUG. Its ok to get frustrated with the injury. I do hope the taping gets more comfortable over time. Don't worry about dates and races. Just keep doing what you're doing and working on the PT.

  8. Hang in there! Take care of the knee and your running will come back.

  9. Pain killers and wine?
    Ok, maybe not mixed together.

    Stick with the PT. You'll be back. Just give yourself time. I know it sucks to hear that. At least you have Josh to vent with!

  10. Oh good luck with all your PT. Trust me, I have been there with the injury. Yeah, it sucks majorly, but when you do get to run again, you will appreciate each and every run that much more. And good luck with HMT--sounds like some tasty eye candy for ya!

  11. Oh jeez, I hope you get through this OK. It's tough being on the mend. Last year, I was running 3 or 4 mile runs in a lot of pain, wondering how I was going to finish an Ironman. Just listen to you body!

    Good luck!!

  12. It's awful when you hit that "breaking point", everything just comes rolling, totally sucks. Hopefully though that was the "low point" and things will get better from here. Just be sure to stay busy with other stuff and don't get in a rut. The PT will take some time, so it's just a waiting game for now, unfortunately waiting sucks. As for HMT - I totally hope you get an awesome date with him! That will put such a good twist on this whole knee problem!!!

  13. I can relate to the whole "not being able to run sucks" things. Been there, done that. when you CAN'T do it, it SUCKS. Hope you are on the mend soon. Hang in there!!

  14. Sometimes it takes awhile...fortunately there will be hubdreds and thousands of races over the next several years. Plenty of time to get your race on. Get the injury right first otherwise you'll be missing a lot more time if you rush back too soon. Don't want that!