Cross training with Jillian

by - Thursday, July 16, 2009

Yesterday was my work from home day and in the middle of the afternoon I got antsy for some activity. So I decided to pop the 30 Day Shred in and get a butt-kicking courtesy of Jillian. I did Level 2 and man am I feeling it my back and shoulders this morning. Holy Moly.

Working out in the middle of the afternoon freed me in the evening to go watch the BF's volleyball team in their last regular season game. His team won all three games, even though they didn't play their best. BF had an alright night. Playoffs start next week. I might try to make it to those, but it means I'd need to start work at like 6 a.m. So we shall see.

I also have some important yoga news to share.

After this month, I will no longer be teaching yoga on a regular basis. The past five months or so of teaching have been a lot of fun, but lately teaching class has seemed like more of an interference in my life and something I was forced to do rather than being something I enjoyed doing. I will still be a sub so I can fill in when other instructors need help. That will give me more flexibility to fit classes around my life rather than trying to fit my life around my classes.

You wouldn't think that one or two extra hours a week after work would make that much of a big deal, but I've just found it really has. There are some nights when I just want to go for a run and can't. Or I just want to sit and relax, but can't.

So I've decided now that it's become more of a chore than something I truly enjoy doing, it's not really worth it to me anymore. I may miss it down the road, but right now I think I'll be glad to have my evenings back for things I want to do.

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  1. Cancelling yoga gives you "more flexibility" said it. Get it? No? Sorry, I'm a bit off today.

  2. NOW you tell me? I just signed up for all these yoga classes because YOU were supposed to teach them and NOW you're quitting on me?

    I'm not feeling very ZEN, right now, sister, and it's all your fault! In fact, I'm feeling kinda bitter about it. I don't even want to TALK to you right now!

    Put the hawt roommate on the line then leave the room. Because we're TOTALLY gonna trash you while you're gone.

  3. i don't think glaven could photoshop a pic of a yoga mat if one landed in his inbox. he's about as flexible as a ball point pen.

    enjoy your newfound free time! i know it's hard to come by.

  4. Good for you for thinking of yourself and your should enjoy yoga, not feel like you're forced to do it. Enjoy the little bit of extra free time...every little bit counts!

  5. If you're not enjoying teaching yoga, it's good to give it up. Enjoy the extra free time!

  6. Life is just too short to be stressed about things you can so easily change. Enjoy the free time!

  7. Enjoy your free time.

    Jillian scares me!

  8. mmm i love that sore feeling after a good workout!

    i think you made the right decision to back away from yoga. you definitely need to be enjoying it 100% and not feeling stressed about it. hope you are able to fully enjoy your new free time - it's amazing what 2 hours can bring!

  9. Anonymous11:20 PM

    Jillian's Level 2 is SO HARD. I think it's harder than Level 3!!

  10. i love working from home and sneaking in little bouts of exercise!!