Meme time

by - Thursday, July 30, 2009

Since I was sick yesterday (and still today) I have no fabulous work out to report on so I think it's the perfect time to do a meme that Stacy tagged me in last week.

MEME: Seven Personality Traits:
Basically I'm supposed to write about seven of my personality traits and then tag 7 of you to do the same. Let's get started shall we?

1. Type A. I guess that's the nice way of saying a little neurotic and anal when it comes to some things. I love to make plans and then have a plan to execute the plan and follow nice neat steps to get from point A to point B. I also like schedules. In fact, I love them. This is probably why I get so into creating my training plans.

2. Creative. While this may seemingly contradict number one, for me it really doesn't. There are still ways to be creative and think outside the box while being ridiculously type A. For example, one of my favorite parts of journalism was designing Web sites or laying out the paper. If that doesn't show a creative eye, I don't know what does.

3. Organized. I like everything to have a place and to keep it in its place. This is especially true in my bedroom, which I think in some strange ways mirrors my life. If my room is clean and everything is where it needs to be, things in my life are probably going well. I'm clear-headed, getting stuff accomplished, etc. When my room is a mess it usually means I'm frustrated or feeling stressed out. My room always has to be clean if I'm working from home or nothing will get done.

4. Morning person. I start work at 7 which means I'm up by 6 and out the door by 6:25ish. (The metro usually runs on time in the morning, going home...totally different story). I love the mornings although I do miss my morning runs. I've attempted to get up a few times before work but it's just too dark out and Jess loving to run with her iPod + the mean streets of D.C. in the predawn hours = potential disaster.

5. Love my sports. This is an obvious one if you've been reading the blog for any period of time. It's especially noticeable in the fall when baseball season is wrapping up and football and soccer are just getting under way. I love spending Saturdays at Maryland tailgates playing corn hole and BBQing.

6. Girl from suburbia living big city life.
There are days when I absolutely love living and working in D.C. I mean there's tons to do. It's fun. And it's a far cry from suburbia where I grew up. But then there are times when all I want is to be back in suburbia away from the traffic, where a 20 minute drive really only takes 20 minutes and you don't have to build and extra 45 minutes into your commute to account for traffic.

7. Fun-loving. I love having fun, spending time with friends and family and experiencing all kinds of different things. The beach makes me happiest, but I believe you can have fun just about anywhere.

Ok, since I don't know who has done this one or not, if you haven't consider yourself tagged!

Sickness update: I feel a little better than yesterday, but still not great. The boss gave me the option to telework today, but I had a few meetings I didn't want to miss so I schlepped into the office. If I'm still feeling bleeeeh tomorrow though, I'll work from home again. The work cafe doesn't sell POM juice, but I did find a V8-fusion that was called Pomegrante Blueberry so I gave that a go, per Dr. CJ's suggestion.

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  1. glad you are feeling a bit better!

  2. Cool, glad the pom is helping. i love that stuff. and that's a good meme, too. i got tagged already and still have to write it up.

  3. Glad you're feeling better! And, I am most certainly NOT a morning person, and I live in awe of those of you who are!

  4. We may have to meet up during tailgates this fall! I'm hoping to make it down for some football games.

    Glad you're kicking the sickness to the curb!

  5. I love spending Saturdays at Maryland tailgates playing corn hole

    Um ... does "corn hole" have a different meaning in the DC area?

  6. Love the blog, looks great, I am a runner too. I just sent you a friend request on facebook.

  7. glad you are starting to feel better and that your boss was cool enough to let you "work" from home! :) great list of traits! i always enjoy learning more than the running-side of my blog friends.

  8. Glad you're feeling better. Fun list!

  9. i love these posts :) glad you are feeling better!