Need Advice: Marathon Training and Hunger

by - Thursday, October 21, 2010

Training makes me all the time.

I eat breakfast and then two hours later my stomach is growling so I have a small snack and then thank goodness it's lunch time because my stomach is growling again. Then, surprise, surprise, two hours later I'm hungry again, so I eat another snack.

I feel like I'm constantly trying to tame the hunger beast, so I'm constantly eating. But, I know I'm not running enough to need that much food.

As if I needed supporting evidence, the scale has started to creep up too. Nothing major, just a handful of extra pounds, but I know if I don't figure out a good running/fueling balance, it will end up being more than a few extra pounds that I'm carrying on race day.

More pounds means slower running times. The statistic is something like for every extra pound over your ideal race weight, you run two seconds per mile slower. Over 26.2 miles, that's a lot of time lost.

I'm really not sure the best way to tackle this problem. How do I eat enough to fuel my runs and not feel hungry all the time, but not grossly over eat? What works for you guys? Any tips, tricks or advice is all appreciated.

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