My New Favorite Running Shirt

by - Friday, September 02, 2011

A few weeks ago, New Balance sent me some running gear to test and review. As a result, I have a brand new favorite running top.

It even beats out my all time favorite Under Armour top that I wear constantly:

Yoga5K finish
BlogHer 5KMonument run
Look familiar?

Well, lately that UA top has been sitting in the drawer while this New Balance top has been going with me on almost every run.

New Balance top

The New Balance gear is part of the company's Icefil line, which means the fabric acts as a climate control system. So as your body gets hot, the fabric helps cool you down. The fabric also offers UV protection, which I appreciate since I never put on sunscreen before I run.

I was a little skeptical of the claim that the top would actually cool me down, so I took it for its first test drive on a day when the temps were in the mid-90s and the sun was blazing. Midway through the run, I could definitely feel a difference. My arms, which weren't covered by anything were burning up under the sun's intense rays, but my back and torso felt completely fine.

This shirt gets extra bonus points for being anti-microbial (meaning it doesn't stink), so I can wear it a million times before I have to wash it. In fact, I've had it for about a month now and don't think I've washed it once and it still doesn't smell.

I was also a fan of the super flattering fit and the really funky back.

back of shirt

The small pocket on the back of the shirt is placed perfectly. I've carried everything from my house key to my iPod and cell phone in there and nothing really bounced uncomfortably.

back pocket

And the reflective strip on the back of the shirt really does work. Check me out in the middle of this picture from the Healthy Living Summit. I look like some sort of Day-Glo freak, but hey, at least I know cars can see me.

Reflective glow
Thanks to Beth for the picture!

Huge thanks to New Balance for sending me this shirt to review. I loved everything about the way it performed and the way it looked and would definitely buy gear from the Icefil line in the future.

Do you have a favorite running top that you wear over and over again?

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