Rained Out Run

by - Thursday, September 08, 2011

The weather forecast in D.C. this week has been dismal. Rain all day, every day with lots of flash flood warnings.

weather forecast

What a great week for my half marathon training to start!

Despite the nasty weather, I was determined to not let it completely derail my first week of training, so when the storms let up a bit on Tuesday I headed out for a quick three miler. I was hoping the rain would hold off until I got home, but I wasn't so lucky.

About a mile in to the run the skies opened up and another round of torrential downpours blew through. By the time I got home, I looked like a drowned rat.

Soaking wet after the rain

At least I was smart and wore my back up running shoes, since they were completely soaked by the time I got home.

Wet clothes on the floor

Yesterday the weather was even worse, with wicked thunderstorms rolling through. I decided not to tempt fate and skipped my tempo run in favor of not getting struck by lightening.

Things have only mildly improved today, which doesn't leave me hopeful for the runs I have scheduled today and tomorrow. I didn't realize I had suddenly moved to Seattle. What gives D.C. weather? I need these storm cells to pass quickly so I focus on my training and get in the runs I need to.

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