Booty Shorts and T-Shirt in February

by - Thursday, February 02, 2012

Winter is being a tease throwing us some beautiful spring-like days at the beginning of February. I know eventually we'll get yanked back into normal winter temperatures, but for now I'm taking advantage of the gorgeous weather to get in some great runs.

booty shorts in Feb
Booty shirts and a t-shirt in February, why yes, I think I will.

I was lucky enough to be working from home yesterday, so I used my lunch break to get a nice hour long run in.

I had planned to just do a short three miler, but the weather was so nice, I wasn't ready to go back home yet.

I felt great until mile 4 and then my body remembered it hadn't run more than four miles in a long, long time.

I took it easy for parts of mile five and mixed in some walk breaks, which must have been just the break I needed because mile six was awesome.

In total, I knocked out six miles in 58 minutes or so. Certainly not record speeds, but yesterday, I wasn't focused on speed. I just wanted to be out there running and enjoying the weather.

I do wish I would have carried some water with me though. I couldn't believe how hot I got after just a few miles.

My face hasn't been this red after a run in a long time.

Here's hoping the groundhog sees his shadow  doesn't see his shadow (I always get confused. Thanks for the catch Mom!) and these spring-like temperatures stick around for good!

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