Tri Training Week Two

by - Monday, February 27, 2012

It's funny to me that after thoroughly disliking cross-training for as long as I've been running, I've come to love it so much as part of training for my first tri.

I think it's because the cross-training finally feels like it's serving a purpose other than just being a break from running.

Week Two was another solid week of training.

tri training week two
Week two numbers

Monday: 4 miles

Nothing too special here, just a quick and easy four miler to start the week.

Tuesday: 45 minutes cycling

A friend of mine warned me that riding on a trainer would be more boring than running on a treadmill. I'm starting to think he's right. Trainer rides aren't the most exciting thing ever, but at least I'm able to prop my laptop near the bike so I can watch Hulu while I ride. Makes the time go a little bit faster.

Wednesday: 5 miles

It was another gorgeous day for running and I got to wear shorts again in February.

Just another run in shorts in Feb. #fitfluential

I knocked out my five miles on one of the trails near my house. I'm having fun exploring new running routes this training cycle and I think that's really helping to keep things fresh.

Thursday: Swim 2,000 yards

This was one of the best swims I've had in a long time. I felt like the correct form was starting to feel natural and I moved through the water so smoothly. Swim like this one made me want to find time to get in the pool again over the weekend. Unfortunately I just ran out of time and that didn't happen.

Friday: Rest!

Saturday: 6 miles

It was freezing cold, windy and snowing when I started this run. But the flurries quickly disappeared and the sun eventually came out. The wind never stopped though and it felt like I was running into a head wind the whole time, even though this route was an out and back.

Sunday: Active rest!

I was hoping to get in a swim at some point, but I just didn't have time. It was a busy weekend and Sunday was the only time I had to catch up on all the fun and exciting parts of life, like grocery shopping and cleaning my house. I know, I know, I live such an exciting life, I'm sure you're all jealous. At least cleaning is a sort of decent workout.

I'm really happy with how all the workouts went this week. It was definitely a solid week of training. 

Football Update:

In fantastically good Monday news, rumor has it the ACC football schedules are finally going to be released today after many, many weeks of delays. That means I can finally start planning my fall race schedule around Terps games and tailgate weekends. Yes, I am beyond excited.

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