12 Days of Christmas Workout and Early Celebration

by - Monday, December 23, 2013

I'm back home in PA to celebrate Christmas with my family this week. And after the stressful and miserable week I had at work last week, I'm so glad to be relaxing at home and not thinking about work projects for a full 12 days.

Speaking of 12 days, my mom's fitness center at work has been sharing a 12 days of Christmas workout. Each weekday morning, the director of the fitness center sends out the next round of workouts. My mom forwarded me one of the emails the other day and I think the workout was kind of cool, so I figured I'd share.

Here's the Day Nine Workout:

9 chair/bench dips, 8 squats, 7 mountain climbers, 6 pushups, 5 star jumps, 4 burpees, 3 minutes jogging/walking, 2 minute wall squat, & 1 minute plank.

The workout is meant to be an add-on to whatever you're normally doing that day. It's short and sweet and kind of fun.

In other news, this weekend we celebrated Christmas early with my mom's side of the family. On Saturday, my aunts and uncles and cousins all met at my uncle's place for dinner. We had a great time, and my baby cousin Landon was clearly the star of the show.

Landon and Jess

Babies definitely make the holidays more fun.

Landon's about 17 weeks old now, and he's just the happiest most content little baby in the world. He got a little overwhelmed when he first got there because he had about five million people and a dog all up in his face. But he calmed down and let everyone pass him around and play with him.

Harper (the dog) trying to figure out who this little person is

The day was a lot of fun and I have several more family holiday celebrations coming up this week. Should be a really fun week of family and fun!

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  1. Aww, Landon is adorable! Enjoy your visit with your family and time off work!

  2. HA I created a 12 days workout too, but was too lazy to add things on for 12 days so I just did it all the way through and repeated :)

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