2013 in Pictures

by - Monday, December 30, 2013

As we get ready to close out 2013, I thought I'd do one more recap post. Here's a look back at my past year in pictures. While my running year may have been a bit on the rocky side, the rest of the year wasn't so bad.

In January I was super happy to be out of the air cast from stress fracture #1 that I spent a lot of time running and doing CrossFit. I was so excited to throw myself back into activity. I earned my first CrossFit calluses...

My very first CrossFit calluses. Basically a base of honor.

...and spent lots of time running the monuments at night with my running buddy

Running the monuments at night

February was much of the same. Lots of running and CrossFit with some teaching at UMD thrown in. The big excitement in February was the last Duke vs Maryland game in the Comcast Center. The Terps pulled out the win and College Park threw one hell of a party.

Maryland vs duke weekend

Maryland vs duke weekend


In March we got a bit of a break from the freezing cold so I got to experience my first outdoor WOD in CrossFit. We pushed a lot of sleds.

Sled pushing this morning @CFsilverspring

April was a fun month. We had Sarah's bridal shower and bachelorette party at the beginning of the month. Baseball came back. I cheered for Ryan at the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler, and at the end of the month my mom and I ran the Nike Half in DC where I completely destroyed my PR.

Love these girls
Bridal shower with the Terp girls

Sarah's shower and bachelorette
Bachelorette party

Cherry Blossom spectating

Perfect night to watch the Phillies from my back porch.

Nike women's half
Nike Women's half with my mom

In May, I wrapped up my first semester teaching at UMD. Softball started, and I ran my first 10K in ages.

Empty classroom

Softball game one


The highlight of this month was definitely Jon and Sarah's wedding. The runner up was puppy sitting the cutest puppy ever. The low point was the start of my second foot saga.




Tuckered out after an afternoon of backyard exploring.

That friends is my very not broken foot!!!! So relieved. It's just a bone bruise.
Unbeknownst to anyone, this ended up being another stress fracture.

I spectated for Emily in a race we were supposed to run together. I got the heck of out DC and spent time in Baltimore, PA and Delaware, where I ate a bunch of ice cream and was lazy on the beach.

Big congrats to @emilyyahr for rocking the biggest loser 5K this morning.

Rehoboth 2013

Rehoboth 2013

August was a big and busy month. A break finally showed up on my foot during a CT scan so my doctor got me a bone stimulator to help speed the healing. I turned 27. I moved into my own apartment in a building with a rooftop pool. My baby cousin was born. Not in that order at all.

Let the bone stimulation treatments begin!

Relaxing after a day of meetings at the office.


Tailgate season returned, and I spectated for Emily and Aila at a race we were supposed to run together.




I got furloughed. More football and tailgating. We celebrated my cousin Laura's twins at her baby shower. My foot was slowly healing and I was able to start doing some activity again.

Well it's official. Just got my furlough notice. #governmentshutdown




I slowly started rebuilding my running base. It didn't go great, but it happened. I went to my first NFL game. I got to hang out with my new baby cousin and catch up with old high school friends when I was home for Thanksgiving.

Ravens game

Running tops with thumb holes for the win! This is one of my favorite @meetellie tops. Perfect for chilly fall runs.



Laura's twins were born (early, but healthy). They're still hanging out in the NICU, but they are getting cuter by the minute. I spent Christmas at home with my family, where I got to hang out with my other baby cousin again. (This was the year of babies I swear). The Eagles won the NFC East last night and are going to the playoffs for the first time in three years.

The twins!



What was the highlight of your 2013?

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