Zooma Annapolis 10K Recap

by - Monday, June 02, 2014

So back in March, I used my super persuasive powers to convince two of my closest friends to sign up and train for their very first 10K.

Meg, me and Emily in Annapolis

And this past Saturday was race weekend!

We all piled into my car Saturday morning after way too few hours of sleep the night before and headed to Annapolis for the Zooma Women's 10K.

I wasn't sure how this race would go for any of us. Emily was at a work event until close to midnight. Meg was at the Nat's game and I had softball, and we didn't get back to my apartment until sometime around 1 a.m.

Definitely setting ourselves up for massive success right there.

But despite ridiculous exhaustion, we all ran pretty awesome races.

After we finished with our medals!

My time was slow for me and nowhere near my PR, but that's probably because somewhere near mile 4, I decided Annapolis was a beautiful city that I shouldn't rush through. So I took a nice long walk break.

And I mean, Annapolis really is a beautiful city, and this course did an amazing job of showing that off. I loved running down Main Street watching the sun glisten off the water. I loved running through the docks and out and around the Naval Academy.

Most of all I loved that the 10K turn-around was right before the Naval Academy bridge, so unlike the poor half marathoners who had to run up and over it, I was spared.

 photo DSC04203.jpg

(I remember running that bridge in the Annapolis 10 miler several years ago, and it still haunts me...)

I crossed the finish line, collected my medal (yes, medals for a 10K) and waited for Meg and Emily to finish.

The girls both did awesome, and as a bonus, had a really fun time. I was a little worried they'd be cursing my name somewhere along the course.

We celebrated our awesome race by spending the day relaxing in Annapolis before heading home to watch the Terps baseball team beat South Carolina.

(Then the Terps beat the Gamecocks again last night and so we're going to the Super Regionals for the first time ever!!! Whooo go Terps!)

Victory celebration last night!

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  1. Did that race years ago (the 10k not the half) and yes, it's beautiful. They made us run to the middle of the bridge though. Ha, yall got lucky! Yay Annapolis and Go Terps! I never comment but I had to b/c it's my fave things in this post :)