Thoughts Before, During and After Today's Run

by - Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Thoughts Before Today's Run:

  • Ugh, I hate all my running routes. I need to move just so I have new places to run.

  • Seriously, I've run all the trails around me a million times.

  • I need to text Megan and set up a running date.

  • Ughhh I hate all the music on my iPod. Need some new music suggestions stat.

  • Ughh I hate running after work, but it's so nice out. I should really take advantage of the gorgeous weather.

  • Ohh look I found a cute running outfit in my closet that's clean. Winning!

  • Just put on your shoes and go.

Thoughts During Today's Run:

  • Why do I have goosebumps? I mean I know it's not a million percent humidity, but this is weird.

  • Oh I'm warming up and the goosebumps are gone now.

  • Awe there's so many cute kids out riding their bikes. I remember doing that on nice summer days when I was little.

  • OMG it's soooooo much easier to run when there's no humidity.

  • I feeling like I'm flying.


  • Well I feel like I'm running really fast, so I'm just going to go with it.

  • This hill is a bitch. God why did I pick the route with a mile-long climb at the end?

  • Oh yes, almost home. I am awesome!

Thoughts After Today's Running:

  • Wheee! Running is great. I love it.

  • I should sign up for more races! Maybe a marathon...

  • Sike I have grad. school starting soon, I don't have time for 20-mile long runs, especially during football season.

  •'s fun...and I miss it.

  • I love how strong running makes my thighs.

  • I really want to run Philly again. That's such a great race. Maybe I should pencil it in...

  • That course holds my marathon PR...

  • But let's be realistic, maybe just the half.

  • OK brain, stop thinking about running, it's time to go do stats homework and watch the Phillies.

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  1. This brought a smile to my face; we've all been there! I agree - the humidity free week we are having is amazing!

  2. Laura3:59 AM

    HA that sounds so familiar!