Brad and Tracy's Wedding

by - Friday, September 26, 2014

Sooo..that other post I owe you about my epic weekend. Sorry it's a little late. My router died at home and so I had some Internet issues and couldn't get my videos to upload.

And this post would not be complete without the'll see why later.

So Tracy and Brad got married on Sunday in what had to be one of my favorite weddings ever.


I've known Brad for a while now -- probably since sometime when I was in college and he started tailgating with us.

I met Tracy back in 2009 not long after she and Brad started dating. We spent a lot of time together back then, and she quickly became one of my favorite people, and though we don't see each other quite as much as anymore, she's still my tailgate partner in crime.

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So I was so thrilled to be able to celebrate their wedding with both of them. Plus it was great to have the old gang back together.

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The ceremony and reception were not far from Annapolis and overlooked the water. It could have not have been a more gorgeous day -- and Tracy was hands down the most gorgeous bride ever.

Like I said earlier, this wedding was full of personal touches that made everything scream Brad and Tracy.

From their fun entrance:

To the maids of honor speech that was actually a song. (Seriously -- if you've got a minute watch this. It was the most creative way to give a toast ever.)

All the way down to the Father/Daughter and Mother/Son Dances.
I only caught a clip of Brad's dance with his mom -- other songs they included were Thriller and What Does the Fox Say.
Father/Daughter Dance -- I cried

And then not long into the dancing, Tracy and her bridesmaids busted out a choreographed number to Taylor Swift's Shake It Off. Sadly I do not have video of this.

Everything about the wedding was just so them and everyone had a blast celebrating! Congrats Tracy and Brad! Love you both!

(Also huge thanks to Emily for taking such gorgeous pictures with her super awesome camera!)

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  1. You are so sweet. I'm so glad you had a great time! Can't wait to see you at the next MD tailgate :)

  2. This wedding looks like so much fun!! That father-daughter dance song always makes me cry. And that speech - omg! Amazing!