Quick Catch Up

by - Monday, October 13, 2014

Hey remember when I used to blog semi-regularly. LOL I do too.

Here's a quick run down on my life lately to catch you up.

1. I turned off comments on the blog. Too much spam, not enough time to moderate. No one's got time for that. But you can always tweet me, comment on Facebook or email me.

2. I bailed on the Army 10 Miler this weekend. Had some sharp knee pain on a run about two weeks ago. I took some time off because I don't mess around with knee stuff after all the problems I've had and I just couldn't get my distance back up to acceptable levels to not risk further injury. So I slept in on Sunday morning while everyone else enjoyed a picture-perfect running day in the city.

3. The knee pain seems to stay at bay if I keep my distance around 3 miles. I've been mixing in some spinning in the meantime and hoping that I can still run the two 10Ks I have planned for November. In fact I may have found a new favorite spin instructor.

4. I love grad school -- which probably surprises no one who knows me. I've always loved school and learning. And my MBA program at Auburn is seriously amazing. I will probably write a more detailed post about this later, but so far I can't say enough good things about how much I love it.

5. I've been thoroughly enjoying playoff baseball, it's hard not to get excited when the local team does well (and I'm talking about the Os, not the Nats...that's a team I'll never cheer for.)

6. My fantasy football teams are both doing terribly this season. I think I've only got two wins in each of my leagues. That's just shameful. I blame grad school for my lack of time to spend on the waiver wire every week.

I think that's all I've got for now...I have to go run and study for a midterm.

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