That Time I Almost Cried in the Spin Studio

by - Wednesday, October 22, 2014

If you follow on me on Instagram you may have noticed this photo I posted Monday.

Perks of working from home...easy to RICE my knee injury.

Ah yes, me with an ice pack on my knee. Just another injury around these parts.

I went to the doc this morning and found out I had a torn meniscus -- which yes is pretty crappy, but I wasn't too down in the dumps because my doctor said I could still do any activities as long as they didn't cause pain or discomfort.

I asked specifically about running and spin class, and he said biking was probably the better option for the time being.

Cool, I can handle that.

Rare Thurs night spin appearance. Felt weird without my tri guys there!

Until I showed up to spin class tonight and tried to get comfortable. It didn't seem to matter how high or low, how far back or forward I put the seat, pedaling was not at all comfortable.

My knee kept popping and locking and felt so, so miserable. Not painful in a sharp stabbing way, but discomfort I knew I could not deal with for an hour.

I thought about trying to stick it out and push through. I feel so lazy sitting around not able to do anything and I really wanted to blow off some steam, but I knew it would hurt too much.

And that's when I felt the prickle of frustration tears at the back of my eyes.

Injuries suck. They're frustrating and awful and apparently make me overly emotion.

Since I wasn't in the mood to have a break down in the spin studio, I quietly packed my things up and left.

I'm home now -- annoyed, frustrated and pretty sad.

I'll be missing yet another race this weekend, and who knows how long it will take until this feels comfortable enough for me to try another workout.

Sorry for the downer of a post, I was hoping to be able to write all about how awesome spin class was and how this little injury wasn't going to be a big deal. But now I pretty much just want to wallow in my pity party for a while.

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